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travel workout

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t work out.  No equipment, no problem.  Limited time and space, we’ve got you.  Not sure if you’ll be in the right mindset –you’ll feel so good afterwards you’ll be hooked!

If your body needs to recover, we’re all for taking a few days of well-earned rest.  Proper recovery is always important.  That being said, staying active while traveling is extremely beneficial.

As Mark Wahlberg points out, “it’s easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape.”  You don’t want to derail all the progress you have made when you’re away from home.  That is an excellent reason to find a way to stay active on the go.

Exercise will also boost your energy and mood, and help you de-stress.  It will allow you to focus and sleep better.  It’s easier to enjoy yourself, work and rest after a good sweat session, whether you are home or away.



15 Minute Travel Workout

Full Body, No Equipment Needed


Air squats with alternating jabs

Jumping jacks


Faux jump rope

Reverse lunge to high knee R

Reverse lunge to high knee L

Mountain climbers

Tricep dips

Jump squats






Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.  Rest for one minute following the first round.  Complete a second round.  Celebrate your victory!



Carry Your Health Coach in Your Pocket

Sometimes it’s hard to get moving even with the best of intentions.  Unfortunately, motivation doesn’t grow on trees.  But did you know that your Golden Home Fitness Personal Trainer can train you regardless of where you go? We specialize in making your workouts happen regardless of how much time, space or equipment you have available. 

Traveling to Boise for work three times this month?  We’ve got you.  Visiting Aunt Ida on Valentine’s Day?  We can still schedule you in. Your Golden Home Fitness Personal Trainer will be there to motivate and instruct you no matter where you are or how little time you have -with or without equipment.  Our Golden Home Fitness app allows you to take us with you virtually anywhere!

The Takeaway

Staying active while being away from home has many benefits.  The best way to make sure your travel workouts happen is to commit to doing them from the get-go.  Having a hassle-free routine in mind is key.  Once you have the no-equipment, little-space, low-on-time excuses out of the way, your workouts will either happen or they won’t.  If you think about how good you’ll feel after exercising, and all the benefits you’ll reap, you will likely get it done.

Golden Home Fitness specializes in customizing our services to your needs.  We can train you in our state-of-the-art studio, at your home or on the go.  Your Golden Home Fitness Health Coach will lead you through a killer workout whenever and wherever you want.  They will hold you accountable and provide you with invaluable knowledge and advice.  At Golden Home Fitness, we make fitness happen no matter what!  Why not make 2023 your fittest year yet?

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