Your Go-To Travel Workout

travel workout

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t work out.  No equipment, no problem.  Limited time and space, we’ve got you.  Not sure if you’ll be in the right mindset –you’ll feel so good afterwards you’ll be hooked!

If your body needs to recover, we’re all for taking a few days of well-earned rest.  Proper recovery is always important.  That being said, staying active while traveling is extremely beneficial.

As Mark Wahlberg points out, “it’s easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape.”  You don’t want to derail all the progress you have made when you’re away from home.  That is an excellent reason to find a way to stay active on the go.

Exercise will also boost your energy and mood, and help you de-stress.  It will allow you to focus and sleep better.  It’s easier to enjoy yourself, work and rest after a good sweat session, whether you are home or away.



15 Minute Travel Workout

Full Body, No Equipment Needed


Air squats with alternating jabs

Jumping jacks


Faux jump rope

Reverse lunge to high knee R

Reverse lunge to high knee L

Mountain climbers

Tricep dips

Jump squats






Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.  Rest for one minute following the first round.  Complete a second round.  Celebrate your victory!



Carry Your Health Coach in Your Pocket

Sometimes it’s hard to get moving even with the best of intentions.  Unfortunately, motivation doesn’t grow on trees.  But did you know that your Golden Home Fitness Personal Trainer can train you regardless of where you go? We specialize in making your workouts happen regardless of how much time, space or equipment you have available. 

Traveling to Boise for work three times this month?  We’ve got you.  Visiting Aunt Ida on Valentine’s Day?  We can still schedule you in. Your Golden Home Fitness Personal Trainer will be there to motivate and instruct you no matter where you are or how little time you have -with or without equipment.  Our Golden Home Fitness app allows you to take us with you virtually anywhere!

The Takeaway

Staying active while being away from home has many benefits.  The best way to make sure your travel workouts happen is to commit to doing them from the get-go.  Having a hassle-free routine in mind is key.  Once you have the no-equipment, little-space, low-on-time excuses out of the way, your workouts will either happen or they won’t.  If you think about how good you’ll feel after exercising, and all the benefits you’ll reap, you will likely get it done.

Golden Home Fitness specializes in customizing our services to your needs.  We can train you in our state-of-the-art studio, at your home or on the go.  Your Golden Home Fitness Health Coach will lead you through a killer workout whenever and wherever you want.  They will hold you accountable and provide you with invaluable knowledge and advice.  At Golden Home Fitness, we make fitness happen no matter what!  Why not make 2023 your fittest year yet?

The Mediterranean Diet: The Champion of Diets and the Diet of Champions!

champion of diets

The Mediterranean Diet has been voted the best diet in the world six years in a row. The US News and Health Report has deemed it the best diet overall in 2023. In addition, it won first place in the following four categories: the best healthy-eating, plant-based, and family-friendly diet and the best diet for bone and joint health. If those reasons aren’t enough to try the Mediterranean Diet, the fact that Lionel Messi is on it should be!

Lionel Messi is the best soccer player of all time who just led Argentina to a World Cup victory. He credits a significant part of his success to following the Mediterranean Diet. This eating regimen improved the GOAT’s performance and life, and it can do the same for you (minus the World Cup trophy).

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is a primarily plant-based diet. It consists of vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, fish, seafood, nuts, seeds and extra virgin olive oil.

Eggs, poultry, yogurt and cheese can be eaten in moderation.

Processed foods, refined flour, added sugar and red meat are to be avoided or limited.

The Mediterranean Diet encourages drinking a lot of water. Coffee, tea and a daily glass of wine are optional.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet is not just a healthy way of eating. It is also a lifestyle. Being physically active is a big part of this way of life. Managing stress and sharing meals with loved ones are part of the plan as well.

Why Is the Mediterranean Diet the Champion of Diets?

It helps fight chronic disease and may increase your lifespan. The Mediterranean Diet has been proven to be better for heart health than low fat diets. It lowers your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Mediterranean Diet boosts brain power and promotes healthy aging. Those who follow the plan have better cognition, focus and memory. They are also less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease or to become frail.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle is great for weight management and athletic performance. It improves your metabolism and energy, and helps build lean body mass.

It’s easy to follow, sustainable and enjoyable. There are countless delicious and nutritious foods to choose from. Being physically active, lowering stress and eating with others all promote a sense of well-being.

How Can I Get Started?

Start your day with a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Add a salad or vegetable to one or more of your meals. Begin cooking with olive oil rather than butter, and eating fish at least twice a week. Try snacking on seeds and nuts. Find activities that help lower your stress. Besides exercising, you can meditate, listen to music or start a gratitude journal. Enjoy mealtimes with friends and family.

Work up to centering most meals around vegetables, beans and whole grains. Increase the intensity and duration of your workouts gradually.

Why Is the Mediterranean Diet the Diet of Champions?

Lionel Messi thrives on the Mediterranean Diet. As a young athlete, he didn’t appreciate the importance of good nutrition. The soccer star would often throw up during matches as a consequence of poor eating habits.

To improve his performance and ability to recover, Messi sought the help of a nutritionist. That is how he came to adopt the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle. The GOAT has since gained muscle strength, explosive power and speed. While in top form, Messi can run 20 miles an hour!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of Champions

If you want to eat like a champion, you can take a cue from Messi. He starts his day with a breakfast of his favorite fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereal. For lunch, he fuels up with beans, soup and a colorful salad. A typical dinner for the GOAT might include tuna, veggies and brown rice.

Messi avoids processed and fried foods, sugar, alcohol, red meat and artificial sweeteners. He consumes a variety of raw vegetables daily, and makes sure to stay well hydrated.

The soccer star’s favorite meal is roasted garlic chicken thighs with carrots, potatoes, onion, olive oil and thyme. Yerba Mate is Messi’s herbal tea of choice.

The Takeaway

The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle can improve your health and longevity. It is more effective, sustainable and simple than typical diets. Rather than strict rules or calorie counting, the Mediterranean Diet provides recommended guidelines. It encourages physical activity, stress management, enjoying meals with family and friends, and consuming nutrient-dense foods.

This regimen promotes eating vegetables, fruit, whole grains, seafood, fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil. It discourages processed foods, refined flour, added sugar and red meat in your daily diet.

The Mediterranean Diet protects you from chronic disease, frailty and cognitive decline. If you want to boost your heart health, brain power and energy and build lean muscle it is the right plan for you.

Lionel Messi achieved his winning edge following the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle. This remarkable plan can help you score a winning G-O-A-L in 2023!



fitness based goals are better than weight loss ones

Switch Your Weight Loss Goal to Getting Fit and Succeed in 2023!

Are you in the 40% of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight?  Already tempted to throw in the towel?  You can replace your weight loss resolution with a fitness-based goal instead.  Your success will be 100% guaranteed and you may very well lose the weight as well!

Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and don’t exercise enough.  Studies show that fitness is more important for good health than weight loss.  Since it’s easier to move more than it is to lose weight, this is excellent news.

Why Do Weight Loss Resolutions Fail?

Weight loss resolutions almost always fail.  One reason for this is that losing weight is a long-term process. It takes a lot of will power to change your eating habits. It seems as if your body and mind are working against you.  To top it off there are no immediate benefits.  All you see is what you can’t have and there is no visible reward to replace it.

Why is a Fitness Resolution Better?

You need a more tangible and attainable goal than losing 20 pounds. If you swap your weight loss resolution for a fitness-based one you will have instant gratification.  Working out releases feel-good chemicals and suppresses hormones that cause anxiety and stress.  It improves your mood, energy levels and sense of well-being.  Exercise makes you happier, more relaxed and more productive. 

Removing Your Fear of Failure

Another obstacle to weight loss resolutions is a fear of failure.  You’ve tried and failed to lose weight so many times, you no longer believe it’s possible.  Fad diets, yo-yo dieting and sporadic workouts have left you empty-handed and skeptical.  You can eliminate this resistance to starting again by focusing on improving your fitness rather than on losing weight.

Start a new habit today of moving more than yesterday and score an instant win.  Focus on your current effort rather than on a possible outcome months down the road.  Start small and you will gain momentum as you feel better and better by being active.

Exercise Is More Important Than Weight Loss

Exercise is more important than weight loss when it comes to good health and longevity.  You have a lower risk of heart disease and death if you improve your fitness than if you lose weight. This is especially true for the overweight and obese, and even if you only exercise at a moderate intensity for a short duration.  Did you know that being inactive for one week is as harmful as smoking 20 cigarettes?

We are not saying not to lose weight.  Our mission is to empower people to live their best lives.  However, most people can be healthy at different weights as long as they are active enough. Focusing on fitness is easier than waiting for the number on the scale to change.  It is also conducive to weight loss.

If you are overweight or obese, you can lower your risk of death by 30% or more through exercise even if you don’t lose weight. Overweight and active is better than thin and sedentary in terms of health and longevity.  Being fit offsets some of the negative effects of being overweight.

Changing Your Mindset

If you shift your perspective from weight loss to better health through fitness you will feel less overwhelmed and more successful. Working out is a great form of self-care, it’s not  a punishment.  Exercising an opportunity to improve your mental and physical state in the moment as well as in the long-term.

Focus on what you are getting, rather than on what you are giving up.  The benefits of exercise are immeasurable.  Working out gives you a better quality of life and a longer lifespan.  It lowers your risk of chronic disease, illness, disability and injury.  Being active lowers inflammation and helps your body process oxygen more efficiently.  Exercise strengthens your heart, lungs, bones and muscles. It is also extremely beneficial for brain health,  lowering your risk of depression and dementia, and improving your cognition, memory and sleep.

The Icing on the Cake

Once you begin a fitness routine, the way you feel during and after your workouts will make you want to continue.  The trick is to start small so your new fitness goal is easy to achieve.  Then you can gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts if you so choose. 

As time goes on, your confidence, strength, endurance and flexibility will all improve. Regular exercise will increase your metabolism so you burn more calories even at rest.  This will make your previous goal of weight loss a lot more attainable.

The Takeaway

Improving your health and wellness is an excellent resolution for 2023.  However, trying to lose weight can be an overwhelming goal.  Changing your resolution to improving your level of fitness makes success inevitable.  You will encounter your first win as soon as you start to move more.  The physical and mental effects of your workouts will be felt immediately.

Working out lowers your risk of chronic disease and death whether you are overweight, obese or lean. Studies show that fitness is more important than weight if you want a long healthy life.  

While they can go hand in hand, fitness goals are easier to achieve than weight loss goals. If you untangle your desire to be thin from your new workout habit you will be more successful at both endeavors.


Making New Year’s Resolutions

Could Doing Less Help You Achieve More in 2023?

Living a healthier life was the number one resolution of 2022. If you were in the majority, your aim was to exercise more, eat better or lose weight. The lucky eight percent of US adults were successful. No worries if that didn’t include you.  We have a better way of making New Year’s resolutions that will all but ensure that you accomplish them.

The top three reasons resolutions fail are loss of motivation, lack of time and lofty or undefined goals. Could doing less be the key to achieving more in 2023? Here is your blueprint for a successful new year.

Making Healthy New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

  1. Start with one resolution, rather than several. Having a single mission will give you clarity and focus. You can choose a theme or word of the year to have top of mind.
  2. Reflect on 2022. What actions brought you closer to your goal? Which habits hindered your progress? Did you encounter any obstacles? How will you push past pitfalls next time around?
  3. Pinpoint what is most important to you. Know exactly what you are committing to and why it must be done this year. You are investing in your future so choose wisely. Write down the “pros” and “cons” of achieving your goal in 2023. Then spend some time visualizing your outcome.
  4. Determine your desired trajectory. Based on 1. your reflections on 2022, and 2. what is most important to you, create an overarching plan for 2023.
  5. Instead of thinking big, think small. Set an achievable micro-goal for each month based on 3. your desired trajectory. Each month’s micro-goal will be relatively easy but will build on the success of the last one.
  6. Decide your course of action when facing obstacles and slip ups. Be realistic and reasonable. It’s easy to be idealistic when putting plans on paper. It’s harder to accept that setbacks are inevitable. One of the main talents of successful goal-setters is the ability to get right back up when they fall.
  7. Congratulate and reward yourself for achieving each micro-goal!
  8. Reassess your overarching plan month to month, making any necessary changes. When facing daily choices, consider your goal and theme for the year. Will this action bring me closer or further away from my desired destination?
  9. Establish your first win of 2023 by booking your complimentary in-person or virtual training session with a Golden Home Fitness Personal trainer. Training with Golden Home Fitness provides you with the motivation, knowledge, support and accountability you need to succeed. We can accommodate the busiest of schedules.
  10. Celebrate your success in 2023!! Living a healthier life will give you peace of mind. It will let you do more of what you love.  It will also allow you to spend more quality time with your family and friends.

The Takeaway

New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad rap due to their astoundingly low rates of success. The key to making them stick is to make sure you are ready to commit when you make them.

It’s best to focus on one goal at a time. Considering what has and hasn’t worked in the past is useful. Then you want to break down your resolution into 12 or more micro-goals. Acknowledging each small win, expecting setbacks and reassessing periodically are helpful tools.

You can be successful in 2023 if you focus on manageable steps you can take to get you to your destination. Golden Home Fitness would love to be part of your health and fitness journey. We wish you a very happy and healthy 2023!

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