In-Home Fitness

There are many reasons to try in-home fitness. Here are some of the main benefits for clients who take advantage of this personalized service from Golden Home Fitness.


Wouldn’t it be great to get out of bed and be able to walk right into your early morning training session? Or to come home after a day at your desk and be able to workout without needing to commute?

Golden Home Fitness make this a reality. Not only will we provide you with a personal trainer ideally suited to your goals and needs, but we’ll also bring all the equipment required for your workout.

Perhaps you’ve recently had a baby and would like to get back into shape before returning to work. For new parents wanting to get in shape or stay in shape, getting to the gym can mean spending a lot of time away from home and away from baby!

Alternatively, you might be one of many busy professionals who could do without the extra challenge of finding time to get to a gym, before, after, or during your workday.

Whatever your life situation, in-home fitness is a flexible solution to suit any exercise needs, morning, afternoon or evening.


Many of our clients exercise not only to improve their health and fitness, but to improve their body shape or lose weight. Not everyone is comfortable exercising in public. This might be particularly true if you’re at the beginning of your journey, and you’ve yet to start seeing results.

This is normal. A large box store gym can be more like a fashion show than a place to workout in comfort.

Avoid the crowd. We can help you achieve your goals and dreams in the comfort of your home. Our personal trainers are respectful, professional, and fully-trained experts, and they will come to you in your own, safe environment. We’ll hand-select the right trainer to match all your needs.


It’s vital to overcome resistance when starting any new regime. Having to commute to a fitness center often puts people off their training. They begin with good intentions and enjoy their training at first, but ultimately the time spent getting to and from the gym becomes a major obstacle.

So why not remove the block?

Working out in your home gives you zero commuting time. Use those extra minutes to relax after your session instead of rushing through the city and contending with Boston traffic. You could also use your extra time to catch up on other matters at home, or to prepare yourself a healthy, nutritious meal to make the most of your training.

In-home fitness is customized, convenient, private and affordable! We have equipment and personal trainers to suit every need. And we can even provide nutrition advice to help you boost your performance.

With Golden Home Fitness, there’s nothing to stop you achieving your dreams. Give us a try today!

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