3 Common Fitness Mistakes

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. This couldn’t be truer than when said about exercising your body. Exercising badly is ineffective at best. At it’s worst, it can be dangerous.

Something as simple – and, sadly, as common –  as poor posture can lead to injury. This might be anything from a minor sprain to chronic pain. At Golden Home Fitness, our personal trainers have a diverse range of skills. Their expertise can make sure that you achieve your fitness goals safely.

This solid team of professional trainers has seen a lot! Here are three top tips from the team. These simple corrections can make a world of difference, starting right now.


This is a popular exercise, and for good reason. It’s true that squats are a relatively simple and efficient way to build leg muscles. They work the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. They’re also a great workout for toning the butt.

What many people don’t know is that they create an anabolic environment that means they can improve muscle all around the body.

Our experts say that if you’re doing squats, make sure that you’re going low enough. Use all of those leg muscles by ensuring that your thighs are parallel to the ground at the lowest point of the squat. This way you’ll get the maximum benefit from an excellent exercise that you can do at any time, without any extra equipment.


It’s pretty clear which part of your body crunches should be working: your tummy or, more accurately, the transverse abdominus. Unfortunately, for many people, crunches result in a lot of stress on the back.

This exercise can be difficult to perform without unnecessary strains. Hold a plank position instead. Plank is great for working the muscles you’re trying to target with crunches. Any plank position will work your core, legs, and arms, while contributing to a better posture overall.


Sometimes it’s not the exercise that people need help with, but staying focused. A traditional gym can be a good place to meet people and chat, but don’t let socializing get in the way of your fitness. When you’re training, you’re training.

It’s possible that nothing is so distracting during exercise than your cell phone. Wherever you’re working out, checking messages and responding to notifications gets in the way of your exercise by allowing your heart rate to slow.

Leave your phone in another room or turn it off to get the full mental benefits of working out – focus and clarity.

Not everyone has a personal trainer available with timely advice. Follow these tips, however, to get a head start. Stay focused and maintain your awareness of your body to enhance your current workout and see real results fast.

For more professional advice from skilled personal trainers, try Golden Home Fitness. It might be easier than you think, because our specially-selected trainer will come to you. There’s a lot more to your health and fitness than better squats. Get in touch and we’ll show you what you’ve been missing!

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