Increasing Energy & Performance

Increasing Energy & Performance

Most experts agree that sticking to a well-balanced diet increases energy levels. If you’re worried that you won’t have the stamina for your next workout, it’s a good idea to get some good nutrition inside you before you start.

How soon before your workout you should eat depends on the size of the meal.  A small snack can be eaten about an hour before you begin exercising. Anything larger than that is best consumed at least a couple of hours before.

Energy Foods

So what foods give you energy and help build your stamina? Concentrate on high nutrient foods for your diet. Carbohydrates are great for giving you energy, but beware the difference between refined and unrefined carbohydrates.

Refined carbohydrates, such as cakes and chips, have their fiber broken down during processing. The energy you’ll get from refined carbs is short-lived because your blood sugar levels become depleted soon after.

Unrefined carbohydrates exist as nature intended, farmed rather than manufactured. Starchy carbs are the best unrefined carbohydrates to eat before your workout. These include potatoes, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, and beans. These foods have kept their natural grain intact, so they take longer to digest and they’ll maintain your energy levels maintained for longer. These are the carbohydrates that provide the fuel for your workouts, increasing your stamina.

Aside from the carbs, lean protein foods such as turkey, fish, nuts, yogurt, and eggs, help maintain muscle tissue. These allow your body to burn off more energy while working out, increasing your endurance.

Increasing Strength

Increasing your energy levels on its own won’t improve your fitness performance. You need to build on your strength too.

Strengthening leg muscles through the right choice of exercise not only allows you to run faster and take larger strides, but it also helps you absorb impact stress to your body.

Cardiovascular exercises, such as walking or cycling, are great for fitness, but you won’t get the most out of your workout time if that’s all you’re doing. A good personal trainer will recommend mixing strength-building exercises with cardio ones. He or she will design a workout routine that’s dynamic, incorporating exercises that work on different muscles, or that use more than one joint at a time. A personal trainer may also have you switch from low to high-intensity exercise at the drop of a barbell. For some people, a workout regime will be so varied that their bodies will never know what’s coming next!

If you’ve recently discovered the motivation to get exercising, that’s fantastic news. If you still lack the time, however, note that Golden Home Fitness brings are expertise to you. You can exercise from the comfort of your home, or another convenient location. And if you want to improve your energy and performance, there’s nothing better than a personal trainer to ensure that you maintain a healthy balance in your diet and your fitness regimen.

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