Working Out with Your Significant Other

People who like to work out are finding that working out with their partners can go a long way to strengthening their relationship.  It is a great way to add variety to training sessions while ensuring that “having something to do at home” will not interfere with working out.  Syncing up a workout schedule with your partner encourages both of you to work out and stay on track.

So here are some other reasons for working out together.

Alternative Date Night

Date nights come in all different styles but typical date night activities tend to have two things in common: sitting and calories. A workout with your partner is a fun evening that does not include food in the formula. This might be a group fitness class, a game of tennis, or a run in the park. Make it fun to get the most out of it.

Improved Chances of Meeting Fitness Goals

Studies indicate that men and women are more likely to change a behavior, positive or negative, if their partner joined them.  Unhealthy behaviors like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and physical activity were changed or improved when their partner committed to the change too.

Working out with your significant other means that it will be harder to bail on workout sessions. Accountability is a powerful aid to achieving your goals.

Play Together, Plan Together, Stay Together

Decide on your workout plan together and be sure to respect one another’s differences.  Be willing to give and take, making sure that there’s a mix of what you both enjoy and need.

Some couples may want to avoid acting like one another’s trainer, though.  Being supportive is great, being a nag is not. Encourage and suggest.

If you’re looking for an experience that is more like what you would get from a personal trainer, you can share one. Golden Home Fitness trainers work with individuals, couples, and groups, at your convenience, at your location, with plans tailored to fit every need.

Be Kind

Gym partners need to be supportive of one another, especially if they are going home together after the workout.  Attempting to be encouraging can sometimes descend into bullying or teasing between partners, which, of course, is typically unhelpful.

For an extra push, it might be worth having a few sessions with a professional trainer – an independent, third-party with the expertise to get the most from any couple.

Think of your shared workout time as organized play. And take your time to learn about one another when it comes to working out together.

Boost those exercise-induced endorphins, get your hearts racing together, and see how this improves both your workout sessions and your relationship.

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