Podcast (#6) Mike Dantona Personal Trainer Interview

Hear from Personal Trainer Mike Dantona as we talk about helping others, exercise as medicine, tips for people dealing with low back pain, why you should workout when travelling, and find out what kind of a party has Mike Dantona kicking it with Tom Brady, Sylvester Stallone, Conor McGregor, and avocado ice cream!

Highlight clips from the show: “Tips for Travel,” and “Low Back Pain? Listen Up”

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Clip: Tips for Travel (Link to Overcast)

Clip: Low Back Pain? Listen Up (Link to Overcast)

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0:00 – Intro and Mike’s Background
1:35 – How and why did he get into personal training
3:55 – Why people of all ages should invest in their fitness
4:25 – Exercise is medicine!
6:45 – Getting past being intimidated by super fit people
8:50 – Being able to be active and healthy is incredibly important, neglect now will cost later
9:40 – Reccomendations for people dealing with low back pain
14:50 – What to do for fitness when travelling
17:15 – Why you should workout when you travel, lessening jetlag impact
18:30 – Working out when you travel is a great way to explore the area
20:10 – Mike’s three people to invite to a dinner party (alive, dead, or fictional)
24:00 – Tom Brady making avocado ice cream for dessert??

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