Podcast (#7): Brian Muccio Personal Trainer Interview

Phenomenal podcast this week with Personal Trainer Brian Muccio! We go in depth on a number of important topics from the importance of learning fundamental movement patterns, the power of proper goal-setting to shift your mindset, the necessity for a tailored approach to your health, and shifting the world from ego consciousness to collective consciousness!


0:00 – Brian’s introduction
1:15 – His process of becoming a personal trainer and making it a full time profession
2:50 – His experience and training specializations
4:40 – Question: Isn’t fitness just crazy high intensity DVDs and coaches shouting in your face?
8:05 – Importance of working on fundamental mechanics and basic movement patterns before ratcheting up the intensity or entering a pre-made program
8:50 – Question: Why do I need to set goals and think about my “mindset”?
9:45 – Importance of setting process goals within a main goal, in key areas like exercise, nutrition, and rest, then organizing lifestyle to succeed in the process goals, which will in turn yield the outcome goals
12:35 – Building a goal-achieving mindset through succeeding in small, incremental goals for shifting into
14:40 – Question: I see everyone rolling around on these foam rollers and balls, what are they doing and why?
15:50 – Foam roller and similar implements are tools, with a specific use case, and should not just be used with a broad stroke – best applied with a trained coach’s eye
20:30 – Expansion on the notion of a tool has a specific use. Often in fitness, there’s a cookie cutter approach of “let’s have everyone do this one workout, or use this one tool,” but this is is grossly misguided view. People need a tailored approach to their health.
23:40 – Without exercise specifically designed to develop positive adaptations in this specific client, inappropriate exercise can become overwhelming
25:50 – The solution needs to be fit to the individual; every individual can’t be fit into one company or trainer’s special program – may be one of the biggest challenges the fitness industry is faced with
27:30 – Brian’s one wish for the world?
29:35 – Brian’s contact info

Email: BMuccio@gmail.com
Cell: (617) 290-4512


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