Zach Visco Discussion on Foundational Movements – Podcast #9

Listen in this week as we feature our first two-time guest, Zach Visco! We focus our discussion on foundational movement patters, with the what, when, how, and why for you! (Of course, we also learn what Zach’s surprising super power would be, and why it might not be so far fetched, if you listen to the end!)


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0:00 – Intro and the cliff notes version of Zach’s background (check out episode 1 for more!)
1:25 – How should someone inexperienced with no restrictions get started with exercise?
1:45 – Foundational movement patterns and progressions such as single limb exercises
5:15 – How often and in what way should I incorporate these movement patterns?
9:35 – Do I only do these movements? What is the value of accessory movements?… and the bicep curls!?
18:40 – Zach, or should I say superhero “FluenZ Man” reveals his choice superpower!

Zach’s contact info for questions:

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