Charlie Scimone Interview – Podcast Episode #10


Tune in this week as we interview Personal Trainer Charlie Scimone! We talk muscle development tips, mobility help for people that sit a lot, the impact of exercise on more than just physique, why just showing up is so important, his number one pet peeve in the gym, and what his last post workout meal would be!


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0:00 – Intro and Charlie’s Background
2:40 – Charlie’s top tips for muscle development
6:10 – Reccomendations for improving tight hips that result from sitting in a car or at work for long hours
10:00 – What does Charlie think not enough people are talking about in fitness, but is actually really important? The great effects of exercise on more than just physique
12:25 – Charlie’s tip for people struggling with motivation to stay consistent in working out (Show up!)
15:05 – Charlie’s number one gym pet peeve!! Listen to find out
16:30 – If it were his last post workout meal ever, what would it be?

Also check out the highlight clip from this show: “Just Get to the Door!”

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