Brent Harding Interview – Podcast Episode #11

Today we welcome to the show Brent Harding! She is a highly successful women’s entrepreneur coach and speaker now, and has gone through an incredible weight loss and lifestyle transformation. Listen to her story of gain, loss, gain back, and finally a triumphant lifestyle change – her empowering words and actionable suggestions are can’t miss audio!


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Highlight Clip: I’ve Lost Weight
0:00 – Intro, what Brent does now, and her background
1:40 – Her story with her own weight changes
4:30 – Turning point, realizing she needed to make a change
8:00 – She describes her inspiration to help other women, coming from the moment of elation trying on clothes when she realized she lost weight and old clothes fit again!
10:25 – Her experience running a weight loss clinic
11:00 – The transition to writing a book about her experience and maintaining weight over a lifetime
12:55 – Top recommendations for women struggling to lose weight and maintain weight loss
13:00 – #1. DO NOT QUIT! Her story of regaining weight
14:25 – #2. Find a health guru/coach to work with
15:15 – #3. Be cognizant of your meal timing
16:20 – #4. Doing a correction to stay on track if you gain a little weight
18:15 – #5. Build muscle mass!! Work with your fitness guru to do so and it will aid your weight management
19:45 – Raising attention to the importance of women not giving up on their fitness at age 50 (don’t buy into that paradigm!)
21:35 – Do not give up!! And increasing dialogue about obesity with insurance companies, fitness professionals, and all in health sphere.
23:15 – Remember Michelle Obama’s arms? Love the muscle!
23:45 – Contact info
Contact Brent:
(617) 438-7949

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