How To Train At Home – Practical Examples

Working out at home can be the best and most practical solution when there are many constraints on your day. It’s a great alternative to driving all the way to the gym then standing in line waiting for your turn with a piece of equipment. For many people, training at home is a no-brainer. It’s their preferred way to exercise, every time.

It’s rare that someone has exactly the same equipment in their home that you would find in a gym, but that needn’t be a problem. By following a personal regime designed specifically for you, you can achieve your objectives more efficiently and with less hassle.

Working out with no equipment, or simple fitness equipment, can improve your balance, co-ordination, fitness, and strength. It also means that you don’t lose an entire room to gym equipment.

Training with Mini-Bands

Watch this six-part series from one of our trainers, Zach Visco, as he provides six exercise variations in under one minute each that you can perform easily at home with an affordable and easy-to-store mini-band.

Training with a Stability Ball

Here, personal trainer Will Hansen demonstrates a few exercises you can perform with a stability ball to challenge your core, as well as the back side of your legs and your butt.

The possible workouts at home are endless, and we have more examples on our YouTube channel for bodyweight exercises and other ways to train at home. We’ll visit those in another article, and the mass of possibilities can seem daunting, which is why hiring a personal trainer to work with you in home can be a great investment!

Working Out at Home with a Personal Trainer

Working with a professional trainer is key to getting the most out of your exercise time. A trainer can work with you to ensure your program gets the necessary adjustments to keep you on track.

At a busy gym, trying to make that appointment with the personal trainer you are most comfortable with can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes, trying to book an appointment to update your fitness program can be a nightmare.

At Golden Home Fitness, however, our personal trainers are professional, focused, friendly, and attentive. Our personal trainers come to you, where you are, and when you are available.

Our personal trainers will provide just the right level of motivation and education to help you achieve your fitness objectives fast. We can help you reach your goals while minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing your enjoyment!

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