Jocelin Lamprey Interview – Podcast Episode #12

“You’re in the driver’s seat and I’m just here navigating.” – Jocelin Lamprey, RD, LDN
This week’s podcast is a gold mine of wisdom and fitness success nuggets as we interview Registered Dietician Jocelin Lamprey. The nutritional landscape today can seem like a landmine field, but Jocelin provides concrete, research based, and actionable strategies that you can implement today. Check out the show notes on our website and listen to the podcast most places podcasts can be found!


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0:00 – Intro and Jocelin’s background, how and why she got into nutrition
2:15 – Experience learning about food culture studying abroad in Italy
3:00 – Starting out after college as a corporate wellness coach and challenges there, transition to starting her own business
3:45 – Her “Five Pillars of Health” coaching philosophy (Nutrition, Exercise, Medication, Stress, Sleep)
5:10 – Expanding on how her five pillars impact the whole body
6:15 – Importance of focusing on behavioral changes when coaching clients, and working on one thing at a time
8:10 – Starting with goals you’re going to succeed at (how to set goals you will succeed at)
11:00 – The client being the expert on themselves, empowering them to make decisions on what works for them, and building self efficacy
13:50 – Actionable tips for nutrition / if you want to set new year’s resolutions, do it! Schedule time for activities that move you towards your goal, ex. exercise (physically cross off dates you exercise or monitor with an agenda so you can look back on your progress), grocery shopping, or food preparation
17:30 – Gaining awareness of what you’re doing by journaling, ex. keeping a food journal to learn things you didn’t realize at first
19:30 – With anyone possible, who are Jocelin’s top three dinner party guests?
23:30 – What’s for dinner? Jocelin reveals a favorite salad recipe! Baby spinach leaves, orzo pasta, pine nuts, mandarin oranges, cheese, low sodium teriyaki dressing, and craisins. Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, and her late great-grandfather will love it for sure.
25:00 – Jocelin’s contact info
Phone: (781) 779-5877

Recipe Mentioned By Jocelin (Replacing the farfalle pasta with orzo pasta, and with pine nuts)


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