5 Steps to Set a Goal and Finally Achieve It

Losing weight is hard.

You have a goal and you want to reach it, but there are so many factors that come into play. You’re tired from working long hours. You’re busy taking care of your kids. You don’t have time to cook your own meals. Trying to drag yourself to the gym in the winter is just dismal. So how do you find time to workout and lose weight, or even just get the ball rolling? You need to start first with a bulletproof plan for success. Where most people fall short is not having this plan in place. Enter SMART goals.

Smart is actually an acronym for:






When your goal can pass the litmus test and check all those boxes, you’ve got yourself a winning recipe for achievement!

Now let’s use an example, say you want to lose 10lbs:

  1. It’s certainly a specific amount of weight.
  2. How can you measure it? You can weigh yourself each week every Monday morning.
  3. Is 10lbs attainable? You need to ask yourself when was the last time you were 10lbs lighter. If that’s never, then it’s going to be quite a challenge. But if it was just 3 years ago, you’ve got an excellent chance to hit that target.
  4. Does your weight loss goal have relevance? Ask yourself why you want to lose this weight. Is it to improve the quality of your life? Does it lead you closer to what you really want long term?
  5. Finally, is your goal time-bound? Ask yourself when you’d like to have lost the weight by. By putting a deadline on it you’ll create a sense of urgency to assist you in taking action on it. Just remember not to be too aggressive with your goal date and make sure it’s still attainable within the time frame you’re providing yourself.

Altogether your goal should read like this:

“I want to lose 10lbs. I’m going to measure my weight every Monday morning. I’ll be able to achieve this since I used to be 10lbs lighter just three years ago. Losing 10lbs will allow me to have more energy to play with my kids and feel better at work so I can finally get that promotion. I’m going to achieve this three months from today.”

Without a plan, your weight loss strategy is just a wish. By putting a SMART plan in place, you can then develop the strategy that will become the action-based habits you take over the next several months.

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