Why Workout at Home? Time is Money!

Let’s take a deep dive in one of the topics discussed in our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Home Workouts: the incredibly valuable time you can save by working towards your fitness goals at home, rather than travelling to a gym.

Research shows that among those who go the gym regularly, the average distance is 4 miles. Going an average of 40 mph, that should take about 8 minutes each way. When you add in getting to your car, parking, the walk into the facility, stopping at the locker room, the time from your door to starting your warmup could easily be 15 minutes. These numbers are based on averages, so bump up or down to see how it relates to you.

So that’s an additional 30 minutes of most likely sitting in a car, and if you go let’s say 4 times a week, that’s an additional 2 hours a week of time sitting in your car. Approximate the year to 50 weeks if you have some time off, that’s 100 hours a year of time for travelling to and from a fitness facility.

Now what’s that time worth to you? The median income in America is about $60,000, which over 52 weeks with paid time off, and a 40 hour workweek, is $28.85 an hour. If that’s you, then that represents $2,885 or nearly $3,000 worth of time that’s lost to driving to and from a gym.

That extra travel for a $10 a month membership might not be such a good deal after all…

Working out at home can save you an immense amount of time, and you can put that time into more time with your family, getting more work done, taking up a new skill, sleeping more… whatever, but it’s foolish to not at least consider how you could work in some home workouts to your schedule, saving time and money.

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