Panel Discussion: Health at Home (Podcast #19)

health at home
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These days, it can be incredibly difficult to make the time to take care of our health! As a result, we’ve seen a proliferation of home-based services to cut out the commute and save time. Combined with the massive and growing need for improved fitness, the health and wellness industry is no exception! In this panel discussion, we’ve assembled five professionals innovating in each of their fields; all are focused on improving health outcomes by bringing high-quality products and services into the home.

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Our Panelists:
Gordie Gronkowski – Gronk Fitness Products
Christine Alaimo – FarmersToYou
Johanna Gorton, LMT, Reiki II, CST – In-Home Massage and Wellness
Ray Zolman, DPT, CSCS – In-Home Physical Therapy
Bill Thorpe, MD, PhD – Golden Home Fitness
Moderator: Will Hansen, NSCA-CPT – Golden Home Fitness 


  • 0:00 – Introductions
  • 4:05 – Why does bringing health and wellness into the home matter? 
  • 17:10 – How can we look at financial access to home wellness services? 
  • 26:10 – What does wellness, or being well, mean to you?
  • 32:00 – Where do you see the opportunities and challenges for in-home wellness in the future?
  • 40:30 – With everything coming to the home, how do we avoid isolation and bring people together more?
  • 43:30 – Audience question: How do you get yourself to change your health when it’s not your profession and health falls low on the priority list?
  • 53:00 – Outro

Connect with the Panelists:

Golden Home Fitness

Gronk Fitness Products

Farmers To You

The Roving Shieldmaiden – In-Home Wellness

Ray Zolman – In-Home Physical Therapy

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