motivation monday panel

Motivation Monday Panel with Kelly Brabants, Gordie Gronkowski, Dan Schorr, Karen Morales, and Steve Zivich, MD

On this Motivation Monday, we ask, is #Motivation more than just a hashtag or a nice quote? We all struggle to get motivated and stay motivated, even the successful among us!

We put together a group of incredibly motivating and successful people for this interactive panel workshop. They are here to share their stories of success and failure, how they push themselves to stay motivated, and how you can tap into your own motivation with strategies to carry you toward your potential!

Featured Monday Motivation Speakers:

Kelly Brabants, Founder of Booty By Brabants and Awarded Boston’s Most Motivating Fitness Instructor

Gordie Gronkowski, Co-Owner of Gronk Fitness Products and Former Professional Baseball Athlete

Karen Morales, Founder of Marketing Magnet and Motivational Speaker

Daniel Schorr, Founder and CIO (Chief Ice-Cream Officer) of Vice Cream and Cancer Survivor

Steve Zivich, MD, Founder of Boston Direct Health and NPC Classic Bodybuilder

Moderated by:

Will H. Hansen, Director of Operations atGolden Home Fitness

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