4 Exercises for Outside Workouts at the Park

outside workouts
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To continue last week’s article on top exercises you can do outside on a swingset, today we’ll help you learn new exercises you might not think of at first but will give you a killer workout with just a swing set!

Outside Workouts to Switch Things Up

Just like you can do a wide variety of exercises on a suspension kit like a TRX, or a set of rings, you have many options for exercises on a park swingset as well!

As with the suspension units, you gain the same flexibility in regards to ease or difficulty level and the added stability challenge, at no cost at all! Take your training to the next level by learning these new exercises for swingset workouts.

1. Bulgarian Split Squats

These may sound intimidating to some, but have no fear! This exercise is top-notch for developing the glutes and hamstrings. By adding the instability of the swing, you increase the difficulty and will take your training and progress to new heights!

2. Triceps Extensions

Male or female, everyone wants better-sculpted triceps in the summer for their tank top or swimsuit wearing endeavors! Triceps extensions are widely popular for a good reason, they work! This bodyweight variation is excellent and can be made more difficult by walking your feet backward, reducing your angle to the ground.

3. Pullover

This classic exercise is right at home in the great outdoors! This exercise places a great demand on your chest muscles, while also using your lats, triceps, and more to stabilize. Be careful to not go further overhead than your shoulder range of motion allows.

4. Decline Push-Up (Feet Elevated)

In our last article, we showed how to make the push-up easier by walking your feet forward, but if push-ups on the ground are too easy, give this variation a go by elevating your feet on the swing! The stability challenge of the swing will recruit more of your core muscles, and the decline position will intensify the exercise for your shoulders, chest, and triceps.

New Ways to Exercise with a Coach That Comes to You!

I hope this helped you learn some new outside workouts that you can use with just a swing set! For a coach to take you through your first workout for free in person or online, give us a call to schedule at (844) 704-9477!

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