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Exercise and Nutrition Research Top 6 New Articles: Best of the Newsletter June 2019 Edition

There’s a countless amount of new exercise and nutrition research journal articles, books, podcasts, blog posts, social media posts, and more, all professing the “latest and greatest” answers to one of humanity’s oldest questions, “how to get fit and stay healthy?” So how do you know what’s quality exercise and nutrition research and what’s the fluff (or worse, intentionally misleading)? We’re here to help! We pride ourselves on staying up to speed with the latest advances and practices across fitness, health, and related fields. In our weekly newsletter, we share at least two of the most interesting new peer-reviewed exercise and nutrition research articles we’ve seen that week. Here, we’ve compiled our top six most popular links from recent newsletters! To subscribe to our weekly Saturday morning newsletter, fill out the form linked here.

Top 6 Exercise and Nutrition Research Articles

Top 4 Exercise Articles:

1. Power to the People! Want to live longer and live better? Improve your power! Training to not only have strength but use it quickly (Power) is critical for maintaining quality of life with aging, as new research supports.

2. Choose Your Parents Wisely: New research in epigenetics (how our genes are expressed) shows that parental physical activity levels, especially that of the father, impact the child’s brain physiology and cognitive behavior.

3. Exercise as Mental Medicine: Supported by a new study, exercise is playing an important role in first-line treatments for mental health disorders in the inpatient setting, being “as fundamental as pharmacological intervention.”

4. High-Intensity Exercise Restoring Heart Function: A new study found that over 3 months of performing high-intensity exercise, heart function improved among adults with type 2 diabetes, independent of medication or diet changes.

Top 2 Nutrition Articles

5. Stress Eating and NPY: Long understood, researchers have discovered the link of weight gain-causing comfort eating when stressed, a molecule released by the amygdala: NPY.

5. Eat Your Vegetables! As dietary supplements continue to proliferate, eating real food provides many of the benefits claimed by supplements, while the supplements often fall short. Check out this article for more!

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