Your 4th of July Home Workout Guide: Declare Independence from the Gym!

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You’ve heard this story before, getting charged for fees you have no say over, people crowding your space and inhibiting your natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Is this colonial Britain or your big box gym? July 4th is here, and it’s time for you to declare Independence from your gym! Today is a perfect opportunity to reclaim your home while gyms close for the holiday and to give working out at home a go. We’re sharing with you a fun themed 4th of July home workout guide for right at home, with our GHF Gronk Fitness Home Gym equipment or with just bodyweight and everyday household items (Exercise demonstrations are either shown in an embedded video or hyperlinked in the exercise title)!

The 4th of July Home Workout Warmup:

  1. Birddog
  2. Groiner
  3. Y-Handcuffs
  4. Plank to Push-Up (or Shoulder Taps Alt.)

Part 1. Stars and Stripes:

A1. Let Freedom Ring Rows

4 sets of 10-15 repetitions (or Single-Arm Row Across the Delaware River)

A2. Star Plank

4 sets of 20-60 seconds

Part 2. Boston Tea Party:

B1. Boston Y-W-Tea Party

4 sets of a 10-20 sec hold each position (Y, W, and T)

B2. Liberty Bell Swings

(No Kettlebells or Dumbbells on Independence Day, just Liberty Bells!)

4 sets of 10-15 reps

B3. Eagle Sit-Ups

4 sets of 8-12

Part 3. Made in 1776:

C. The Shot Heard Round the World Plank

17 total reps, 8 going one direction, 9 going the other.

D. Let Freedom Ring Push-Ups

76 total reps, broken up into smaller sets and resting as needed. Can be done as shown elevated with rings, or with any push-up variation that’s appropriate for you.

4. Paul Revere’s Ride:

E1. One if by Land…

1 Minute of American Grizzly Bear Crawl (across distance or in-place)

E2. Two if by Sea…

2 Minutes of American Alligator Walk (with Furniture Sliders on carpet or Socks on the hardwood – down a hallway if possible)


Stretch as needed! Suggestions: Figure 4 Seated Hamstring Stretch, Groiner Stretch Hold, Hurdler Stretch or Seated Figure 4 Stretch

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For an Independence Day Inspired All-American Home-Workout Playlist, check out our Spotify:

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