Best of the Web: What It’s Really Like Being a Personal Trainer and More!

being a personal trainer
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Ever wonder what it’s really like being a high-end personal trainer? Our Director of Operations, Coach Will H. Hansen was just featured in a wonderful Medium article by Jon Marcus that answers just that! If you’re reading this, you know we share only the best quality content, but if you want to know about something we haven’t covered, it can be hard to know where to look. 

Today, we’ll help you sort through the mess and get to the good stuff! If you want to stay up to speed, we share at least two of the most interesting new peer-reviewed exercise and nutrition research articles we’ve seen every week in our newsletter. To subscribe to our weekly Saturday morning newsletter, fill out the form linked here.

What It’s Really Like Being a Personal Trainer and Other Top Health and Fitness Articles:

1. What It’s Really Like to Be a High-End Personal Trainer: Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like being a personal trainer along with other inside info from the industry. This comes from brilliant writer Jon Marcus, featuring out Director of Operations, Coach Will H. Hansen!

2. Dr. Elissa Epel on Telomeres and the Role of Stress Biology in Cellular AgingCourtesy of a great interview conducted by Rhonda Patrick, we can learn all about how to lessen the impact of aging, and much more!

3. 6 Important Tips to Help You Get Started With Hiking (and Enjoy It!): The heat of summer is here and hiking is a great way to explore the great outdoors, enjoy the weather, and get a workout in! If you’re not sure where to start or are looking for some tips, check out Polly Hawver’s guide from Girls Gone Strong!

4. How Can You Assess Protein Quality? Not all protein is created equal. Can’t tell the difference? Check out this guide from the excellent resource Examine.com!

5. (Infographic) Core Training: The Effects of Performing Integrated Compared to Isolated Exercises: The always high quality Yann Le Meur of YLMSportScience breaks down exactly what works better for muscle activation, the traditional isolated planks, or instability core exercises? Hint: traditional is a tradition for a reason!

Thank you for reading! We’d love to hear from you what you found most interesting, and click the link here to subscribe to our weekly Saturday morning newsletter!

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