Grass Fed Beef Recipe

Where’s the Beef? Grass-Fed Beef Recipe with Kale and Lentil Pasta!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. High-carb, low-carb, red-meat, no-meat, gluten-free, sugar-free. Confusion is the norm in answering the question of what to eat these days. This is in spite of decades of research supporting the notion that it’s not any one particular dietetic ideology that is the best for weight loss and health, but instead that what matters is what you can sustain as a part of your lifestyle for the long haul! For more research backed info on this check out the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s position stand and meta-analysis on the topic, or, an excellent resource for answering your nutrition and supplementation questions using scientific evidence in an easy to understand format. Now, whatever your goals or beliefs, it’s important to have a strong set of recipes to sustain your healthy habits, so we’re here to share our Grass-Fed Beef Recipe with Kale and Lentil Pasta!

Ingredients for Grass-Fed Beef Recipe with Kale and Lentil Pasta:

Ingredient quality is a big part of not only nutrition, but also taste. If you’ve never had grass-fed beef before, you will immediately taste the difference! When cooking with grass-fed beef for family and friends, the first question is always “what marinade and seasoning did you put on it? This tastes amazing, I need some of that!” Inevitably, they are shocked when I say “there was none, I just put it on the skillet or grill!” Their shocked faces of “wait, so this is what beef is actually supposed to taste like??” never gets old…

Just like our last recipe for salmon, pasta, and broccoli, most of the ingredients were sourced from our Farmer’s Market home delivery and community pickup partner Market 2Day (Use the promo code GOLDEN10 for 10% off of your first order)! The lentil pasta, marinara sauce, and avocado oil are also from Trader Joe’s, while the pink Himalayan salt and Italian seasoning are from the Atlantic Spice Company.

Total Prep Time: < 30 minutes

Quantities Listed Serves 2-4 (depending on appetite…)

Ingredient List:

– 1-2lbs Grass-Fed Beef

– One Large Head of Organic Kale

– One Bag of Lentil Pasta

– 1 cup of Italian Marinara Sauce

– 1 tbsp Avocado Oil (for Broccoli sautée)

– 1 tsp of Himalayan Salt

– 3 tbsp Italian Seasoning 

Cooking Instructions:

  • Add beef into a large skillet, adding Italian seasoning as preferred
  • Cook beef until evenly cooked through, stirring every so often
  • Fill medium sized pot halfway with water and bring to boil
  • Add lentil pasta to pot and cook for 6-8 minutes, according to taste
  • Wash and chop kale into moderately sized pieces
  • Add avocado oil, kale, and a splash of water to a large skillet
  • Sautée Kale for 2-5 minutes, according to taste
  • Serve, add marinara sauce to the pasta as desired and Himalayan salt to the broccoli, and enjoy!

This recipe was developed by Coach Will H. Hansen. Want to save time rushing back from the gym in time to prepare dinner? Try out exercising at home with a complimentary workout where we come to you! Call (844) 704-9477 or click here to reserve a time that works for you!

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