10 Minute Beach Workout with Buckets: Not Just For Sandcastles!

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Summertime is fully here! Time for fun in the sun, summer foods, longer days, classic holidays, and trips to the beach. While adding a beach workout to your coastal routine may not be the first thing you think of, it can be a game-changer! Many people spend the better part of the year exercising to feel good and look good in the summer, and summer is also a great time to keep the momentum going while enjoying the weather by exercising outside! Not only are you staying on track for your goals, but you can also learn new exercises and become more creative by thinking outside the box (big-box gym pun fully intended).

But how, you ask, do you workout on the beach? Well, think back to when you were a kid making sandcastles with buckets, and throw some buckets into the mix! Get 5-gallon buckets at any hardware store for less than $5 and you instantly have portable, adjustable, and variable weights of up to 60lbs each with sand or water! Coach Will H. Hansen has been using buckets to workout at home, at the beach, or at the park since he was 15 years old and is sharing the secrets with you today:

Top 3 Beach Exercises with Buckets

1. Press Into Overhead Squat: These will challenge you all the way down the chain, working the arms, shoulders, core, and legs. Bring a sturdy rope at least as long as your wingspan, and tie a bucket to either end. Hold the rope slightly wider than shoulder-width then stand up with it. Stay stable by pressing out while pressing up to get the rope over your head and to elevate the buckets. Keeping the buckets and rope as stable as possible, drop into an overhead squat, then stand up and repeat the process with another overhead press.

Disclaimer: While the load can be reduced based on how much the buckets are filled, this is still an advanced movement requiring good mobility at the shoulders, hips, and ankles. When in doubt, perform more of the two exercises below, add the farmer’s carries shown further down, or do a ground-based exercise such as push-ups.

2. Goblet Squat: An old favorite! A classic full-body exercise that will challenge your legs, your arms and upper back, and your core. Fill the bucket to your heart’s content, hold the sides after pulling it to your chest, and then squat! Pull the bucket into your chest to keep your chest up while driving your knees out towards your pinky toe. (Demo in the above video at 0:30)

3. Kettlebell Swings: Hold the handle, and swing! These are great for developing the backside of your legs and butt, and your core. Let the weight swing back while keeping your core stable, then drive your hips forward to bring the weight up. (Demo in the above video at 0:50)

Perform 3-5 times with minimal rest between sets, or resting as needed. Then run in the ocean as a cooldown!

Bonus! Two Finisher Exercises for Your Beach Workout:

4. Farmer’s Carries: As simple as it sounds, grab something to carry, then go for a walk! These will certifiably help you get all the groceries into the house in one trip, working your upper back, your shoulders, arms, grip, and even your glutes, hamstrings, and feet muscles by walking through the sand!

5. Heavy Rope Pulls: Get full-sailor on these, tieing the buckets with sand to the end of a long stretch of heavy rope, then hand-over-hand pulling the rope back to bring the buckets to you. These are incredible for your grip, upper back, core, and legs!

Want a coach to come to you and help you get the most out of what you have wherever is most convenient for you? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout!

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