Healthy Summer Recipe Fresh Pesto

Fresh Pesto: Healthy Summer Recipe via Market 2Day

Being healthy is a high priority for many people, but when it comes to nutrition, “healthy” food is often imagined as bland or lacking in flavor. If this is you, it’s time you learned some new healthy summer recipes! Here’s our latest recipe, thanks to our partners at Market 2Day!

Bon Appetit!

Healthy Summer Recipe: Fresh Pesto

What’s better than a homemade pesto made with fresh cut basil straight from your farmers market? Last week I ordered basil from MacArthur Farm and it was so good. I put some in my salade, some in my tomato sauce and on my pizza, I still had enough to do a pesto for our Tuesday night pasta dinner. I froze the leftover in a small container for a fish dish, a sandwich spread or for next pasta night.


80g/2.80oz Fresh Basil

50g/1.8oz Parmesan Cheese, cut into pieces

30g/1oz Pecorino Cheese, cut into pieces

(or only 80g/2.80oz Parmesan)

50g/1.80oz Pine nuts

11/2 Garlic clove

150ml/1/2 cup Extra Virgin Oil

1 Pinch of salt & pepper


1. Place parmesan Cheese into mixer bowl and grate

2. Add pine nuts, garlic clove, basil leaves and oil and chop & mix until it reaches consistency

3. Add salt & pepper to taste

Transfer into a serving bowl or in your pasta. You can freeze the rest for later use.

Published originally by Stephanie Marmier on the Market 2Day Blog, and has been republished here with permission.

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