Top 5 New Health and Fitness Research Articles: Best of the Web Late August 2019

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Sorting the wheat from the chaff in health and fitness research these days can be dizzying! So much conflicting information and hidden agendas it can be hard to believe anything you see! Luckily, we’re here to help you sort through the mess and get to the good stuff! Here are our top picks from recent health and fitness research publications:

Top 5 New Health and Fitness Research Articles:

1. Just Get Moving!: Brand new research from the British Medical Journal shows that more of any amount of physical activity has now been tied to longer life (lower all-cause mortality aka risk of dying)! 

2. Longevity Genes: Groundbreaking research published in Nature has identified multiple genes linked to longevity, helping us better understand familial trends in healthspan and lifespan.

3. The Time is Now: As further research shows, for those over 55, it’s especially important to stay physically active to be able to enjoy a high quality of life in retirement (don’t just wait it out till then)!

4. Exercise as a Treatment for Depression: We all know the physical benefits of exercise, and many know how beneficial it is for mental health. Check out this brilliant video and research review article from Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Exercise and Depression! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our article and podcast on the same topic!

5. The Healthiest Foods? A fascinating study on which countries have the healthiest packaged food and drink options was just published. The ratings are based on Australia’s Health Star Rating system, and in first place came the United Kingdom, followed by the United States in second. 

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