New Health Science Research: Top 5 Articles of the Week

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Headline-reading is at epidemic proportions, and it’s hard to tell wether the health “science” you’re reading about on Instagram or Facebook is actually built on the scientific method. We’re here to share with you the top health science research articles from the week to keep you informed and on your way to your healthiest you!

Top Nutrition and Wellness Science Research Articles:

1. Exercise on the Brain!: New research from the University of Iowa looked at how exercise impacts cognitive function and found that some of the effects are as robust with just one session as with consistent training. Essentially, through the mechanisms they studied, you can get the benefit of exercise after just one bout! But to keep those benefits, you’ll have to keep coming back.

2. Red, Red Wine: Often touted for the anti-oxidants and polyphenols, red wine has long been associated with better health. New research across the USA, UK, and Netherlands shows how drinking red wine improves the diversity of the gut microbiome. This is also associated with improved weight control and lower risk for heart disease, among other benefits. This was also an effect not seen in those drinking spirits, white whine, or beer.

3. The Fate of Planet and the Fat on Your Plate: In a fascinating nutrition and wellness science study, Italian food and sustainability researchers have supported that the ecological impact of overeating and “metabolic food waste” far outstrips the impact of food wasted before eating.

As people gain weight and demand greater quantities of calorically dense food to maintain their bodyweight, that increased food production has a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

4. 14 Biomarkers for Death from Any Cause: All-cause mortality, or risk of death by any cause, is an important statistic to look at in regards to health status and the impact of interventions.

A new study published in the journal Nature, identifies 14 independent biomarkers for all-cause mortality that can help people understand their health status and how to improve it.

5. Core Training for Running Economy: As always, Yann Le Meur shares incredible infographics to make complicated topics easy to understand. In this one, he shares how core training can improve running economy and core endurance!

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