New Health Research Topics: Top 5 Articles of the Week – Early September

health research topics
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Labor day is in the past but we’ve been hard at work and staying on top of new fitness & health research topics! Here’s your update on just how to improve your health and fitness based on the latest research:

New Health Research Topics & Articles:

1. Blow Off Steam and Exercise! Staying active is crucial at all ages, and among college students, dedicating so much time to studying and working can leave little time to make fitness a priority! New research shows that by focusing on the mindset of exercise as a stress reliever, rather than a chore, significantly more maintained regular exercise!

2. Never Give In! In exciting new fitness research, University of Birmingham researchers support that older adults just beginning a new exercise routine can get many of the same benefits as seasoned master athletes the same age!

3. Just Get Moving! While we all know that we should get physical activity, some might underestimate the risk from getting very little physical activity, or being sedentary. In a huge study of over 20,000 people, the European Society of Cardiology found that being sedentary for two decades was likely to double one’s risk of premature death!

4. Put Your Heart Into It: A huge study of over 400,000 people supports that those with Cardiovascular Disease can benefit more than any other group of people from being physically active. How beneficial? A 14% lower risk of death over six years!

5. You’ll Be Grateful Later: Don’t wait to start exercising regularly! Results from a decades-long study supports that maintaining physical activity during the ages of 12-21 can significantly reduce risk for colorectal cancer later in life.

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