Top 5 Recent Health Research Articles – Late September

recent health research articles
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*New Study Changes Everything* or *Shocking New Results You Won’t Believe* are some of the headlines you might see in mainstream fitness research coverage. Unfortunately, the article itself may be more headline creativity than substance, so how do you know what to trust?!

We’re here sharing the top recent health fitness research articles for you to cut through to the good work being done around the world to make people healthier.

Top Recent Health Research Articles:

1. Personalized Health and Fitness: Fitness products and services built to serve your specific needs, nutrition and medical care built for your individual genetics; these are all hot topics and big trends today! Check out this article for how the science stacks up with the business and tech advances.

2. Exercise Like Your Life Depends on It! Newly published research supports that our heart evolved as a result of regular aerobic physical activity, and needs it as a condition of staying healthy.

3. Exercise to Slow Alzheimers: A newly published study supports that within people at risk for dementia, regular exercise may delay deterioration of brain tissue and the onset of Alzheimers.

4. Seeing Green, Feeling Fit: A newly published study on those age 45 – 69 supported that people who live in neighborhoods with more green spaces are less likely to develop metabolic syndrome.

5. Weight of the World: Obesity and the associated Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is now the number one contributor to liver disease in Europe. Obesity now impacts 1 in 4 people in Europe.

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