Top 5 Life Science Research Articles of Early October

Life Science Research Articles
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The temperatures are starting to drop and so are these knowledge bombs! New life science research articles are released every day and we’re here to sort through it all and give you the Golden nuggets. Here are our top five for early October:

Top Life Science Research Articles from October:

1. It Just Takes a Nudge for Weight Loss: The key to sustained weight loss, it turns out, is not huge changes but small behavioral nudges. In a review of 96 healthy eating studies, reducing portion sizes seemed to be the most effective strategy.

2. No Matter the Age, Exercise Great for the Heart and Head! In a study of 733 people published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology they found that, as lead-investigator Dr. Gaëlle Deley put it, “a few weeks of exercise training not only significantly improved exercise capacity, but also decreased anxiety and depression. Patients with the greatest physical impairments at baseline benefited the most from exercise.”

3. Humor and Irony Important for Self-Image: In a study of 1,300 British teen gym-goers, using humor and irony through social media helped shield individuals from ridicule and body-shaming.

4. Tasty AND Healthy (but Tasty First): The strategy of making nutrition information more readily available has been a driver for attempting to drive healthy decision making. It appears that a more effective strategy is highlighting how delicious the healthy food is, rather than how healthy it is.

5. Diet Change to Help Depression: The connection between mental health and diet has been generally understood, and this new study adds evidence that even a brief change in diet can help alleviate depression symptoms.

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