Great Gifts for Athletes

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Whether you’re looking for a gift for an athletic friend, someone who aspires to be more active or for your hardcore self, there’s a variety of gifts available for athletes of every kind at all price points.  Here’s a little help.


Booty Bands

Stretch Out Strap


Yoga Mat

Foam Roller

Water Bottle

Toe Separators

Stability Ball

Gym Bag

Jump Rope

Slam Ball

Medicine Ball

5 lb Dumbbells

10 lb Dumbbells



Kettle Bell

Athletic attire

Myofascial Release Ball



Massage gun

Snow and Ice Cleats (Yaktrax)



Comfy Sweats or PJ’s

Step Risers


Trigger Point Stick

Activity Tracker

Trigger Point Cane

A trip to Maui


If you think about it, taking charge of your health is a gift to yourself and everyone in your life.  It represents quality time they get to spend with you.  You can also give your loved ones the gift of good health with the ultimate gift:

This is a true one-size-fits-all gem.  Whatever your health and fitness goals are, Golden Home Fitness can ensure that you reach them in 2022.  Our Health and Wellness Coaches will design the right program for you, show you the correct form and exercises, hold you accountable for every workout and motivate you.  You can decide if you want to work out at our state-of-the-art studio in North Andover, at your work or condo gym or in the comfort of your own living room.


Shop our Golden Home Fitness Shop page for all your gift-giving needs, from stability balls and foam rollers to supplements and Personal Training Gift Certificates.  And don’t forget, your first workout is free!


From all of us here at Golden Home Fitness may you have a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

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