Stick Mobility Is Great For All

stick mobility great for all

How you move is an essential part of how you navigate through life. Most of the time we don’t really think about it until we have to. Many of us focus on our cardio and strength workouts without giving mobility training a second thought. But mobility training is not just for seniors.

If you want to move better, train better and counter the effects of hours of sitting, mobility is an essential part of your fitness program.  Stick mobility can help you move with more ease and efficacy. It can improve your athletic performance and prevent you from getting injured. 

What is Stick Mobility?

“Stick mobility is a training system that improves your flexibility, strength and coordination.” –

How Does Stick Mobility Work?

The mobility stick is a pliable dowel-like tool with non-slip grips. The versatile yoga-inspired device was invented by three Personal Trainers in 2015. It is now employed by countless elite athletes to up their game, as well as people of all ages and abilities. Using a mobility stick is a great way to improve your mobility, strength and stability.

You can either push or pull the stick in designated poses that activate all the muscles along your kinetic chain. The mobility stick provides leverage for better positioning and range of motion.

The rubber grips on the top and bottom allow for more muscle engagement. This excellent tool helps you to stabilize your stance so that you can deepen your stretches.

Top Ten Ways Stick Mobility Can Improve Your Life

  1. Better joint mobility, and spatial and body awareness
  2. Better strength -when you improve your mobility, you are better able to get into optimal positions to generate better strength and power
  3. Better stability
  4. Better flexibility -the mobility stick helps to secure your stance so you can deepen your stretches. It increases your range of motion and loosens tight shoulders and hips. You can recruit more muscles and improve body rotation by pushing or pulling on the mobility stick.
  5. Improves your warmups
  6. Enhances your cooldowns and recovery sessions
  7. Helps to prevent injury and can also be used to recover from injury
  8. Improves athletic performance
  9. improves health and wellness
  10. Allows you to make any exercise easier or harder, and can also be used to learn barbell movements

The Takeaway

No matter who you are, creating a Stick Mobility routine will enhance your life. Stick Mobility is a great counter to higher impact workouts as well as sedentary lifestyles. It will help you to move better, pain free, as well as increasing both your energy levels and your sleep.

The Personal Trainers at Golden Home Fitness can demonstrate how to employ Stick Mobility as part of your custom fitness program. For your complimentary In-person or Virtual Personal Training Session click here.

We hope you continue to navigate through life effortlessly and pain-free for many years to come!



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