Evolution of Golden Home Fitness

Golden Home Fitness was founded by William P. Thorpe, MD, PhD.  Bill is trained as a medical doctor and biomedical engineer and has vast experience in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups in the medical, engineering and educational fields.  Bill is a former collegiate gymnast and has a long history of interest in personal fitness and he understands the dedication involved in fitness training.  Golden Home Fitness gives Bill the opportunity to share his passion for a fit lifestyle and spread his enthusiasm for fitness to others.  He is a devoted husband and father and has two Golden Retrievers, for which the company is named.

Golden Home Fitness was founded to address an unmet need in the community: In-Home Fitness Training.  This need for qualified personal fitness trainers for the home is especially important for those people whose fitness, lifestyle and health needs are not met by the mass-produced exercise programs offered by the standard fitness club.  Golden Home Fitness clients want to learn how to safely and effectively exercise in their own home using a personalized exercise program. They want to eliminate travel time to the gym and wait times for machines, and they want to control their own schedule.  They desire privacy and want to ensure safety and cleanliness. Moreover, Golden Home Fitness clients must be assured of the quality and dedication of their own personal trainer.  They want nationally certified professionals who will be able to develop and customize a program to meet their individual needs and time constraints.

Dr. Thorpe has developed a system and company that addresses all these issues and more.