5 New Groundbreaking Fitness Research Publications this Fall

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Groundbreaking Fitness Research Team

Seemingly groundbreaking fitness research studies pop in our feed daily, so how do you know what’s legit? We did the legwork for you, here are the best of the best to carry you through the fall!

5 New Groundbreaking Fitness Research Publications:

1. Run for Your Life!: In a study on running as exercise, they found that participating in running resulted in a 27% lower risk of death, a 30% lower risk of cancer, and a 23% lower risk of cancer! This held true no matter the weekly frequency, pace, or total volume.

2. Whatever You Do, Don’t Get Hurt: In a study on ACL injury reported on in Outside Magazine, they found that your mindset towards your injury dramatically impacted your re-injury rates.

3. No Carb, Low Carb?: In a massive meta-analysis on low carb and very low carb diets, they found that while they may have some advantages for appetite control, triglyceride lowering, and type 2 diabetes medication management, there are significant safety concerns and very little data exists on the risks and effectiveness past two years of adherence.   

4. Diets Are Not Drugs! A shocking new report from Boston Children’s Hospital and JAMA shows that 86% of the diet trials changed their outcome measures partway through the study, opening the door for tremendous bias. 

5. Sweat it Out! Further research has been published by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) showing that increased exercise levels can significantly reduce the likelihood of depression onset, even among the genetically pre-disposed.

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