Virtual Personal Training

Convenient Affordable Virtual Personal Training

Golden Home Fitness Provides a Convenient Affordable Virtual Personal Training Platform for Superior Fitness

Golden Home Fitness offers convenient and affordable Virtual Personal Training.  What exactly is Virtual Personal Training and how does it work?  Golden Home Fitness Virtual Personal Training is the silver lining to all your Pandemic restrictions.  It is our own proprietary platform, developed prior to Covid-19.  We have successfully implemented our convenient and affordable Virtual Personal Training platform during the last several months. 

Here is How It Works:

  1.  SECURE:  Unlike Zoom, Golden Home Fitness (GHF) Virtual Personal Training (VPT) is our own private, fully encrypted and secure website.  You will have your own Virtual Training “room” accessible only by you and your trainer via login.
  1. INNOVATIVE:  GHF Virtual Personal Training is interactive.  It uses augmented reality technology.  Your trainer can “draw” on your screen to demonstrate proper form.  They can also send you instructional video clips.  We record and store your workouts in an encrypted server.  You can access any workout at any time.
  1.  SAFE:  You can do the workouts in the safety of your own home.  There is no need to interact with others or to risk exposure to Covid-19 or other illnesses.
  1. CONVENIENT:  You can do the workouts when and where you want.  There is no need to travel, there are no distractions and you can maximize your energy and focus.
  1. AFFORDABLE:  Golden Home Fitness Virtual Personal Training is extremely affordable.  While in-person Personal Training is $120/session, our Virtual Personal Training is only $45/session!  (if you would like to work out with one other person, our semi-private VPT rate is $25/session, and for a group of 3-6 the cost is just $15/session).

The Covid-19 Pandemic is full of sacrifices and restrictions.  The convenient and affordable Virtual Personal Training Golden Home Fitness offers is a life saver.  You can work out to maintain your health without risking your health, without breaking the bank and without breaking a leg (injury-free)!

Click this link: Complimentary Workout for your free Virtual Personal Training session, or call us at: (844) 704-9477.  Golden Home Fitness VPT is your budget and schedule-friendly fitness solution. Stay healthy and well!

Affordable Small Group Personal Training



Maximize Money and Time

Affordable Small Group Personal Training Classes can save you valuable time and money.  If you’re like me, life becomes more valuable with every passing year.  You feel more connected to the important people in your life, more devoted to your passions, and less willing to let go of either.  At the same time, every year that passes, goes by faster than the last.  Fortunately, we can maximize the quality of each day, and make it likely we will enjoy more of them, because we are not just getting older, we are also getting wiser.  We know that being healthy and fit are central to living our best lives.  If Personal Training is out of reach right now, affordable Small Group Personal Training is what you need. 

The sense of mental and physical well-being, confidence and energy that come from being healthy and fit transfers into everything we feel and do.  It also inspires and benefits everyone around us.  If we want to take our fitness game to the next level, hiring a Personal Trainer is our best bet.  They will coach and motivate us through every session, as well as educating us on how our bodies move most efficiently.  If we want high quality workouts beyond those sessions, or if we cannot afford a Personal Trainer, Small Group Training Classes are the answer.  

Benefits Of Golden Home Fitness Small Group Personal Training

  • PERSONAL TRAINING ON A BUDGET:  Fitness classes are great but you are left to your own devices.  If your form is off your Instructor may not notice or be able to correct you.  In Small Group Training classes, your form will be monitored and corrected because the classes are capped at 6 people.  Your Coach will be able to answer any questions you may have.  If modifications need to be made, they will be addressed from the get go.
  • FASTER RESULTS:  Each Small Group Training Class you take will be part of an overall program to get you to the next level of fitness.  Mitch Dropp, the GHF Fitness Director, combines time-tested and cutting-edge techniques in a progressive fitness program that will get you the results you want in the shortest amount of time.  No time will be wasted on ineffective strategies, improper form or injury.  You will see results faster than you would on your own or taking fitness classes.
  • CONSISTENT PROGRESS:  Each Small Group Training Class is scheduled with your Trainer ahead of time.  You will achieve the consistency necessary to make progress happen, and you will be held accountable.  This will help you develop life-long healthy habits that will empower you to up your game in every area of your life.  In addition, your progress will be tracked so you can see the positive changes you are making along the way.
  • FUN TEAM DYNAMIC:  The interactions you have with the other participants in your Small Group Training Class will help fuel your resolve.  There is nothing like pushing towards the same goal with like-minded individuals.  You will learn from each other, root for each other and likely develop a bond, much the way athletic teams do during training.
  • MORE MORE MORE:  You will be able to train right more often due to the low price-point.  You will want to push harder due to the support and comradery.  You will get better, faster results due to the exceptional coaching.

Fitting any workout into a busy day is great  –whether it’s weights at home, a quick run or a fitness class.  But not all workouts are created equal.  If you are really serious about making significant, lasting changes, Personal Training is the way to go.  If you would like to augment the training with classes, Small Group Training Classes are your best bet.  If you are not able to afford Personal Training yet but see its value, affordable Small Group Training Classes are the next best thing.  You will get top quality workouts, a competitive, fun atmosphere and proven results.

Affordable Small Group Training classes combine the best aspects of Personal Training with the best benefits of fitness classes.  They give you individualized attention, a winning strategy, accountability, the creativity, knowledge and motivation of your Coach, and interaction with the Coach and students all at a lower price than Personal Training.  Taking these classes will embolden you to push harder in each workout, to train more often, to build a rapport with other athletes and to get better, faster results.  Your fitness achievements will enhance all areas of your life.  Signing up for a Golden Home Fitness Small Group Training Class today is a win-win proposition.  We hope to see you soon!

If you would like to schedule a GHF Small Group Training Class, log on or call us at

Golden Home Fitness Small Group Training Class Schedule

Monday:  7am, 8am, 9am and 5:30pm

Tuesday: 8am and 5:30pm

Wednesday: 7am, 8am, 9am and 5:30pm

Thursday: 8am and 5:30pm

Friday: 7am, 9am and 10am

Saturday: Coming Soon!


fitness couple goals

Fitness Couple Goals: In-Home Fitness for Couples

When is the last time you did something fun and active with your spouse or partner? Do you browse Instagram and see “fitness couple goals” all over the place? Want to be one of those couples?

With Golden Home Fitness’ in-home fitness program, you can be. Couples are a perfect fit for our in-home fitness service, giving themselves an activity to share that will add excitement to their lives and improve their health.

Let’s look at why.

Couples Get Busy

In today’s busy world, more and more couples drift apart as a result of spending too little time together. Hectic schedules put a strain on even the strongest of relationships.

By committing to a couples’ fitness program, you can share precious time with your spouse, while benefiting from a fun activity that will make you both look and feel great.

Call it a fitness date!

Competitive Couple Fitness

Many couples are competitive. This adds an exciting element to our in home fitness programming. There’s little more motivating than challenging your spouse! You’ll motivate one another just by being there.

Our expert trainers will work with you and your partner to create a program that meets your needs, both as a couple and as individuals. We’ll bring everything you need to your door.

Enjoy your scheduled time together without having to worry about the logistics. From a personalized training plan to the equipment itself, leave it all to us.


A flexible, in-home fitness solution makes it easier to maximize your time together. Even if your schedules are erratic, we cut down on wasted time by coming to you.

You won’t have to worry about collecting your gear, heading to the gym, waiting for equipment, cleaning up, and then making the journey home. All we ask is that you open the door for our trainers! They will take care of the rest.

The Focus Is on You

An in-home fitness experience is ideal for focusing on your health. Because our trainers will be working in your home, there will be no external distractions.

Nobody else will be asking for your time, your partner’s time, or your trainer’s time. You’re free to get in a great workout and catch up as a couple at the same time.

Lots of couples are looking for ways to spend more time together. This is the perfect way to do just that. Turn off the television and share an activity that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for your whole family.

You can better yourselves and save the money you might otherwise have spent at an expensive restaurant.

Couple Fitness Goals with Golden Home Fitness

Improve your strength, confidence, endurance, and how you work as a team. Your body – and your partner – will thank you!

We offer a special rate for couple’s looking to workout together at home. Contact us today to learn more.