Virtual Personal Training

Convenient Affordable Virtual Personal Training

Golden Home Fitness Provides a Convenient Affordable Virtual Personal Training Platform for Superior Fitness

Golden Home Fitness offers convenient and affordable Virtual Personal Training.  What exactly is Virtual Personal Training and how does it work?  Golden Home Fitness Virtual Personal Training is the silver lining to all your Pandemic restrictions.  It is our own proprietary platform, developed prior to Covid-19.  We have successfully implemented our convenient and affordable Virtual Personal Training platform during the last several months. 

Here is How It Works:

  1.  SECURE:  Unlike Zoom, Golden Home Fitness (GHF) Virtual Personal Training (VPT) is our own private, fully encrypted and secure website.  You will have your own Virtual Training “room” accessible only by you and your trainer via login.
  1. INNOVATIVE:  GHF Virtual Personal Training is interactive.  It uses augmented reality technology.  Your trainer can “draw” on your screen to demonstrate proper form.  They can also send you instructional video clips.  We record and store your workouts in an encrypted server.  You can access any workout at any time.
  1.  SAFE:  You can do the workouts in the safety of your own home.  There is no need to interact with others or to risk exposure to Covid-19 or other illnesses.
  1. CONVENIENT:  You can do the workouts when and where you want.  There is no need to travel, there are no distractions and you can maximize your energy and focus.
  1. AFFORDABLE:  Golden Home Fitness Virtual Personal Training is extremely affordable.  While in-person Personal Training is $120/session, our Virtual Personal Training is only $45/session!  (if you would like to work out with one other person, our semi-private VPT rate is $25/session, and for a group of 3-6 the cost is just $15/session).

The Covid-19 Pandemic is full of sacrifices and restrictions.  The convenient and affordable Virtual Personal Training Golden Home Fitness offers is a life saver.  You can work out to maintain your health without risking your health, without breaking the bank and without breaking a leg (injury-free)!

Click this link: Complimentary Workout for your free Virtual Personal Training session, or call us at: (844) 704-9477.  Golden Home Fitness VPT is your budget and schedule-friendly fitness solution. Stay healthy and well!

Make Your Feet Happy with Toe Separators

Avoid Foot Injuries and Improve Performance 

With all the beatings our feet take, do you ever wonder if it is possible to have happy feet?  Believe it or not, the answer is yes–  you can make your feet happy with toe separators.   You may know these gadgets as the piece of foam used in pedicures to keep your toenails apart while they dry.  It turns out they now come in many varieties, and are widely used to heal foot injuries.  They are also used to prevent injury and improve foot strength.  Using toe separators may improve your comfort level, posture and athletic performance.  Best of all, these little gadgets are readily available and cost about $30.00 or less.

You may be asking yourself whether it’s worth investing in a set of toe separators.  Here are some factors to consider.  Our foot structure and form is more important than some of us realize.  Most footwear forces our toes into an unnatural position.  This is compounded when we wear high-heeled or tight shoes which crush our big toes against the others.  To top it off, our feet take a pounding from hours of standing, walking and running.  Over time, our foot form and toe alignment can be thrown off, causing a host of problems.  

Because our feet take a daily beating, many of us experience foot or foot-related problems.  Runner’s knee, bunions, crooked toes, corns, claw toes, plantar fasciitis and hammertoes are just some of the injuries that can result from toe compression.  When your toes are not properly aligned, your tendons, nerves and joints can become inflamed and damaged.  Misaligned toes can also place undue weight on the balls of your feet.  How and where your foot hits the pavement each time you step affects your hips, knees, lower back, joints, bones and tendons.

It’s easy to take for granted that our toes and feet will do what we need them to do on a daily basis.  Most of us probably haven’t spent a lot of time pondering the importance of foot form.  You might not have realized that spreading your toes out helps your posture, balance and athleticism.  Toe separators can realign your toes, thus allowing your muscles to better activate when you are walking or running.  This will prevent a host of injuries, while strengthening your foot over time.  

Strengthening your feet is, of course, of prime importance for athletes.  Wearing toe separators while running loosens the ligaments and tendons around your toe joints.  This can, in turn, improve your toe-offs and performance.  The wider running surface distributes pressure better, provides a stable surface to protect vulnerable muscles and lessens fatigue.  There are even upscale toe separators that release moisturizing vitamins and minerals into your skin to prevent friction, chafing and fatigue.

From fancy to no-frills, the toe separators of today come in a variety of sizes and materials.  There is even the option of separate spacers you can place just on the specific toes affected.  If you will wear your toe separators inside your athletic shoes, you will want to ensure your toe-box is wide enough to accommodate them.  Extra shock absorption in your sneakers is always a good idea, and this is no exception.

Whether or not you are an athlete, you may prefer to wear your toe separators post-workout.  If you find spacers during a workout are not for you, you can wear them any other time during the day or even overnight.  Either way, starting with 20 minutes a day and building up to wearing them for longer periods is a good way to go.

Wearing toe spacers for twenty minutes or more is a small price to pay for happy feet.  Having sore feet or foot injuries can negatively affect our mood, activity level and performance.  In the worst of cases, it can cause pain, disfigurement and necessary surgeries.  Why not make your feet happy with some toe separators.  They are likely to heal or prevent most foot injuries, and to make your life more comfortable, fun and active.

Of course the main way to avoid foot injuries is to exercise regularly with proper form.  In a squat, for instance, improper foot positioning increases stress to your knees, hips and lower back.  If you plant your feet firmly on the floor, spread your toes and maintain floor contact with your heel, ball of the foot and outer ball of the foot you create a solid foundation.  With this solid foundation you can move or lift without fear of injury.  

The Personal Trainers at Golden Home Fitness can create a solid fitness plan for you, ensuring that you do each rep with proper form.  You can get your FREE IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL WORKOUT HERE.  In the meantime, you can keep your toes limber by practicing lifting marbles or a towel with them, and you can invest in some toe separators.  I think we can all agree that it’s much easier to be happy when we have happy feet so here’s to you getting yours!


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happy healthy feet

Restart Exercise Without Injury

Turn Your Post-Quarantine Caterpillar into a Butterfly (Restart Exercise Without Injury!)

“One day the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon…Within its protective casing, the caterpillar radically transforms its body, eventually emerging as a butterfly.”

If you’re wondering how to restart your exercise program without injury, we can walk you through it.  In fact, if you were an avid runner before the Pandemic who took some time off, walking is a good place to start.  Slow and steady wins the race.  It’s also a good idea to consult with your doctor first, particularly if you are older or have a medical condition.  Here are lots of other recommendations for a post-quarantine revival.

WebMD suggests hiring a Personal Trainer.  “The trainer will help you create a safe and realistic exercise program.”  If you want to get stronger, faster, thinner, more toned or all of the above, reach out to Golden Home Fitness.  Our Personal Trainers can get you the results you want fast and injury-free.  Claim your free workout today.

Whether you are working with a Personal Trainer or not, you will want to start with a small goal and work up from there if you want to restart exercise without injury.  Nobody likes when an exercise that used to feel easy, now feels out of reach. But trying to do too much too soon can be overwhelming, and can make you feel defeated.  Your best bet is to ease into a new routine by doing a little less than you know you can.  Later you can gradually increase the intensity, frequency and duration of your workouts.  

Restarting exercise without injury takes a good strategy. Start with low-intensity workouts for the first week or two, and then work up from there.  If you were running, start with a walk.  If you were doing strength training, start with lighter weights or no weights at all.  Another option is to lower your reps or do fewer sets.  Planks, lunges, pushups, bridges and squats are a solid foundation to build upon.  They will improve your strength and fitness, while making it less likely that you get hurt.  

Heavy lifting, jump squats, burpees and box jumps are best saved for later in your fitness journey.  The first step is to be patient and just start moving more!  If you pace yourself, you are much more likely to succeed.  Your body responds to consistent exercise which will not be possible if you end up getting hurt.

If you want to work out again without getting hurt, start your workouts with dynamic stretches to warm up your body.  End them with static stretches and a cool down.  Tight backs and hamstrings are common.  Even more so if you’ve been doing more channel surfing then surfing lately. The warm up will loosen up your muscles and joints, and get your heart rate up. 

A good cool down will get your heart rate back down slowly.  It will also improve your flexibility, and leave you less tight and sore.  You are much less likely to get injured if you include a warmup and a cool down in your workouts.  Your exercises will also seem more do-able and enjoyable.

To start working out again without getting hurt, focus on your form.  Sacrificing your form for heavier weight, more reps or faster sets will only lead to injury. It is often the reason people get hurt when they are starting or restarting an exercise regimen.  A good personal trainer can ensure your form is spot-on from the get-go.  Quality over quantity will get you to your end game.  

Focus on doing the exercises right, breathing and controlling each movement.  Know the difference between muscle discomfort and pain.  Stop immediately if something doesn’t feel right.  Listening to your body could be the difference between getting fit and getting injured.

The months we have spent in forced confinement due to the Pandemic have been hard on most of us.  If you have been unable to maintain a proper workout routine, you’re not alone.  Now that we are approaching a new normal, we can resume a healthy lifestyle with a few easy steps.

Enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer is the surest way to succeed.  Pacing yourself, warming up, cooling down and focusing on proper form will get you to where you want to go.  You can start your exercise program without injury. We are here for you with excellent instruction, motivation and accountability.  We hope to see you soon and wish you the best of luck!


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Get in Shape for Summer of 2020

Let’s get in shape for the summer of 2020.  After everything we’ve gone through this Spring, we deserve a fantastic summer.  Let’s make it happen! 

Here’s our game plan to get in shape for the summer of 2020:


  • Establish a soothing bedtime ritual and shoot for seven to nine hours per night.


  • Periods of fasting allow your digestive system to rest, and speed up your metabolism.


  • Cross-training lowers your risk of injury and boredom, and challenges your body more.  It’s a great way to get in shape for summer of 2020.


  • It’s not drudgery or a chore, it’s a challenge, and you say “bring it on!”


  • If you slip up, just get yourself right back up to speed, and remember why you started.


  • Let your friends and family know about your goals and successes so they can support you.


  • High Intensity Interval Training will speed up your fitness gains so you can get in shape for Summer of 2020.


  • Foods like donuts, bagels, pizza, chips and ice cream are not your friends, limit them.


  • Instead of drinking or eating out, try a Golden Home Fitness Group Training or Fitness class together.


  • Foods like salmon, spinach, avocado, eggs, almond butter, olive oil and nuts are great choices.  Options are limitless, find your faves.


  • Fiber helps keep you feeling full, is good for digestive health, and has many added health benefits.


  • Keep healthy foods on hand and, if you’re really serious, consult a Golden Home Fitness Personal Trainer to ensure you get in shape for summer of 2020.


  • Purchase a new bodycon outfit, get a massage, go to a concert or watch your favorite movie.


  • Love yourself throughout the journey and learn to enjoy the process of getting in shape.


  • It reduces appetite, gets rid of waste, prevents water retention and boosts your metabolism!


  • Music will motivate you and make you work harder, especially if it’s upbeat and positive.


  • Taking recovery days, and practicing meditation or yoga are good ways to manage your stress.


  • Target your abs with planks, sit-ups and bicycles, keeping your abs in as you do the exercises.


  • Every day you are one step closer to your goal, and your chances of getting in shape for summer of 2020 are skyrocketing!


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