Make Your Feet Happy with Toe Separators

Avoid Foot Injuries and Improve Performance 

With all the beatings our feet take, do you ever wonder if it is possible to have happy feet?  Believe it or not, the answer is yes–  you can make your feet happy with toe separators.   You may know these gadgets as the piece of foam used in pedicures to keep your toenails apart while they dry.  It turns out they now come in many varieties, and are widely used to heal foot injuries.  They are also used to prevent injury and improve foot strength.  Using toe separators may improve your comfort level, posture and athletic performance.  Best of all, these little gadgets are readily available and cost about $30.00 or less.

You may be asking yourself whether it’s worth investing in a set of toe separators.  Here are some factors to consider.  Our foot structure and form is more important than some of us realize.  Most footwear forces our toes into an unnatural position.  This is compounded when we wear high-heeled or tight shoes which crush our big toes against the others.  To top it off, our feet take a pounding from hours of standing, walking and running.  Over time, our foot form and toe alignment can be thrown off, causing a host of problems.  

Because our feet take a daily beating, many of us experience foot or foot-related problems.  Runner’s knee, bunions, crooked toes, corns, claw toes, plantar fasciitis and hammertoes are just some of the injuries that can result from toe compression.  When your toes are not properly aligned, your tendons, nerves and joints can become inflamed and damaged.  Misaligned toes can also place undue weight on the balls of your feet.  How and where your foot hits the pavement each time you step affects your hips, knees, lower back, joints, bones and tendons.

It’s easy to take for granted that our toes and feet will do what we need them to do on a daily basis.  Most of us probably haven’t spent a lot of time pondering the importance of foot form.  You might not have realized that spreading your toes out helps your posture, balance and athleticism.  Toe separators can realign your toes, thus allowing your muscles to better activate when you are walking or running.  This will prevent a host of injuries, while strengthening your foot over time.  

Strengthening your feet is, of course, of prime importance for athletes.  Wearing toe separators while running loosens the ligaments and tendons around your toe joints.  This can, in turn, improve your toe-offs and performance.  The wider running surface distributes pressure better, provides a stable surface to protect vulnerable muscles and lessens fatigue.  There are even upscale toe separators that release moisturizing vitamins and minerals into your skin to prevent friction, chafing and fatigue.

From fancy to no-frills, the toe separators of today come in a variety of sizes and materials.  There is even the option of separate spacers you can place just on the specific toes affected.  If you will wear your toe separators inside your athletic shoes, you will want to ensure your toe-box is wide enough to accommodate them.  Extra shock absorption in your sneakers is always a good idea, and this is no exception.

Whether or not you are an athlete, you may prefer to wear your toe separators post-workout.  If you find spacers during a workout are not for you, you can wear them any other time during the day or even overnight.  Either way, starting with 20 minutes a day and building up to wearing them for longer periods is a good way to go.

Wearing toe spacers for twenty minutes or more is a small price to pay for happy feet.  Having sore feet or foot injuries can negatively affect our mood, activity level and performance.  In the worst of cases, it can cause pain, disfigurement and necessary surgeries.  Why not make your feet happy with some toe separators.  They are likely to heal or prevent most foot injuries, and to make your life more comfortable, fun and active.

Of course the main way to avoid foot injuries is to exercise regularly with proper form.  In a squat, for instance, improper foot positioning increases stress to your knees, hips and lower back.  If you plant your feet firmly on the floor, spread your toes and maintain floor contact with your heel, ball of the foot and outer ball of the foot you create a solid foundation.  With this solid foundation you can move or lift without fear of injury.  

The Personal Trainers at Golden Home Fitness can create a solid fitness plan for you, ensuring that you do each rep with proper form.  You can get your FREE IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL WORKOUT HERE.  In the meantime, you can keep your toes limber by practicing lifting marbles or a towel with them, and you can invest in some toe separators.  I think we can all agree that it’s much easier to be happy when we have happy feet so here’s to you getting yours!


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Daily essential vitamins

Your Best Odds in a Changing World

Nutraceuticals Can Play a Vital Role in Your Health and Longevity

What are your best odds in this changing world?  The Coronavirus Pandemic has forever changed our lives and sensibilities.  Emphasized in its sudden crippling impact on the world, is the fact that life is one big game of musical chairs.  Our lives can change in an instant.  Any time you are caught at the top of your game — in optimal health– your odds of surviving and thriving improve exponentially. 

In this new world order, it is more important than ever to do everything we can to increase our odds of staying healthy.  Many of us are focused on sleeping enough, reducing stress, staying hydrated, proper hygiene, sanitation and food preparation, social distancing, eating nutritious meals and working out.  Is there anything else we can do to improve our odds of not being one more figure in those dreaded statistics?

As you probably know, having an underlying medical condition, or a compromised immune system, predisposes us to getting Covid-19.  If we are eating healthy food most of the time, are we getting all the nutrients we need?  The answer is probably not.  Even if we eat a well balanced nutritious diet, it is difficult to get 100% of our daily recommended micronutrients.  Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals which are not produced by the body but are essential to our health and wellbeing.  

If you are eating a well-balanced diet of whole foods, and avoiding added sugars and refined grains you are in the minority. The majority of Americans do not eat a healthy diet and thus predispose themselves to many chronic diseases such as diabetes, melitus, cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis.  According to the researchers at Oregon State University, ”approximately one-half of American adults have at least one preventable chronic disease.”  High rates of obesity in the U.S. are an additional concern.  More than a third of American adults, and 17% of children and teens, are obese.  

For many of us, the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has made the stresses and challenges of our daily lives escalate to a fever pitch. Rather than giving in to lethargy and anxiety, we can be proactive in everything we do, beginning with our health.  After all, why would we leave the most fundamental aspect of our lives to chance?  As Chris Kresser of the Kresser Institute points out, the majority of Americans are “well fed but undernourished.” 

The reasons for this unfortunate statistic have to do with the popularity of processed foods, the prevalence of chronic diseases and declining levels of nutrients in our soils.  Vitamin deficiency can cause anemia, fatigue, a weakened immune system, impaired brain function, muscle weakness, bone loss, osteoporosis and blindness.  But what if we could take the possibility of having a vitamin deficiency off the table?  As a matter of fact, we can.  

Stay Healthy with the Best Supplements

One way to ensure you are getting all the daily vitamins and minerals you need is to supplement your diet with nutraceuticals.  Nutraceuticals are supplements composed of superfoods which have many health benefits, including the prevention of disease. If you want to feel better, look better, lose weight, age gracefully, feel stronger and more energetic, and increase your odds of being in optimal health, nutraceuticals can fill in the gaps in your otherwise healthy routine.  While there are many options out there, here at Golden Home Fitness we only offer the cream of the crop:  Isotonix and Transitions Lifestyle System.  These cutting-edge formulas promote maximal nutrition for optimal health and vitality.

Can taking any supplement give you the best odds in this changing world?  You might think a vitamin is a vitamin –just pop a pill and you’re good to go.  Unfortunately, your best intentions might, in large part, end up in the toilet.  The problem with basic supplements is an inefficient delivery system.  Because the vitamins and minerals in their tablets or capsules are not isotonic, they become diluted and their potency is reduced.  Isotonic means “having the same fluid pressure as your other bodily fluids like blood and tears.”  Everything we eat and drink needs to be isotonic before it’s nutrients can be absorbed and converted into energy.  

Unlike most products out there, Isotonix supplements are processed immediately, ensuring maximum absorption and potency.  These pure concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals are composed of top quality ingredients. Unlike most supplements, they contain no binders, fillers, coatings or lubricants, and are processed under the strictest of guidelines.  In addition, they taste great and are easy on your digestive system.

Superfood components of the Isotonix supplements available at Golden Home Fitness:

  •  Resveratrol:  Resveratrol is a nutrient found in the skin of red grapes which has great cardiovascular and cellular benefits.
  • Acai:  Acai are berries from a palm in the Amazon rainforest.  They contain protein, more than sixteen powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants (more than any other fruit or vegetable), and are good for proper muscle development and regeneration.
  • Lutein:  Lutein is a vitamin which promotes healthy vision.
  • Coenzyme Q10:  Coenzyme Q10 helps maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels, supports muscle endurance and has antioxidant properties.
  • Glucosamine:  Glucosamine promotes good joint comfort, fluidity and flexibility, particularly for those with, or at risk for, osteoarthritis.
  • Bromelain:  Bromelain supports recovery and healing, especially after intense workouts. It promotes healthy joints and tissue repair and proper blood circulation, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Wellmune:  Wellmune is a natural yeast which supports a healthy immune system.  It helps to protect against the harmful effects of physical or lifestyle stress.
  • BCAA’s:  Branched chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  They promote healthy muscle growth and retention.  They can lower or prevent muscle fatigue, and are especially important as we age.
  • Folate:  Folate, along with vitamin B12, helps to maintain normal red blood cells.  Together they promote a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system, and they boost energy.
  • Pycnogenol:  Pycnogenol supports cognitive health at every age.

Your Best Odds of Losing Weight Might be Supplementing Your Diet

In addition to the scientifically-advanced Isotonix products described above, Golden Home Fitness also carries the time-tested Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS) line of products.  If you have tried every diet in the book, struggle with yo-yo dieting or are trying to avoid unhealthy snack options, TLS has you covered.  TLS is a customizable, science-based program based on low glycemic impact nutritionTheir scientifically-developed products address the process that causes weight gain and prevents weight loss.  They promote normal blood sugar levels and keep your body in fat burning mode.

TLS products can help you lose weight more easily and quickly than working out and eating right alone.  Once you find the best TLS products for your specific needs and add them to your diet, you will feel alert, productive, full of energy, and more ready than ever to crush your weight loss goals.

 If you would like to try any of these Isotonix or TLS products but don’t know which ones fit your lifestyle best, just let us know.  We would be happy to pinpoint the best products for your specific needs.  For a free nutraceutical consultation, please call Golden Home Fitness at: (844) 704-9477.  To explore the full line of products you can pick up in the studio, or order directly online from Golden Home Fitness, visit our website at: www.shop.com/goldenhomefitness

We live in an uncertain world right now but one thing is certain.  We only have one body and one shot at our best life.  If we are driven, we are always thinking at least five years ahead.  When making those five year plans, it is important to consider the quality of those years, and to take into account any health impairments that would sideline our mightiest efforts.  Working out, eating right and taking nutraceuticals will make our quality of life superior, our longevity probable and our success inevitable.  All of us here at Golden Home Fitness hope you stay healthy, positive, proactive, productive and well!


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Finding Your Sense of Calm in an Uncertain World

You can Find a Sense of Calm and Control by Establishing a Solid Routine

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a sense of calm during this stressful time?  If you find yourself too anxious, apprehensive or disoriented to know what day of the week it is, you are not alone.  The Coronavirus came without warning and threw us into a stressful and unpredictable time like no other.  Nearly half of Americans admit that the Pandemic has had a major negative impact on their mental health. The staggering ever-rising statistics of Coronavirus infections and deaths are overwhelming.  The CDC reports that a large majority of us are worried about our health and finances, are unable to obtain necessary supplies, have a hard time concentrating and sleeping, have changed our eating habits and have increased alcohol, tobacco or drug use.  While there is a lot of uncertainty in today’s world, there are ways we can regain a sense of calm and control.  One of those ways is by establishing a solid routine.

What if that solid routine could make us worry less, while at the same time giving us less to worry about? A daily dose of exercise can do just that.  There are few better ways to manage your stress than by working out.  According to Dr. Randall Stafford of Stanford University, “it is critical to be physically active” in order to maintain optimal health during this Pandemic.  Exercise is good for our overall health, immune system and mental health.  Physical activity reduces blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  It improves bone and muscle strength, balance and flexibility.  It also improves our immune function, and aids in weight management.  Inactivity and obesity, on the other hand, are risk factors for Covid-19 as well as most other diseases.

Exercise is a Great De-Stresser

The abruptness and urgency of the Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance of our health more than ever.  A sound body and mind will always increase our odds of surviving life’s many challenges.  We can find a sense of calm and control through regular exercise.  The easiest way to build a solid routine based on physical fitness is through Virtual Personal Training from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

With the best health and fitness experts, Golden Home Fitness can design a schedule conveniently tailored around your availability and preference.  Best of all, your workouts will be done in the safety, comfort and convenience of your own home via smartphone, computer or tablet.  The advantage of this opportunity cannot be overstated.  You will save invaluable time and frustration by not having to commute to a gym, be more at ease and focused without by-standers, and you will maximize output by choosing your most energetic portion of the day.  

Golden Home Fitness Personal Training makes sense not only during quarantine, but always.  If you are serious about your health and fitness, it is definitely the way to go.  You can manage your stress now and always by working out with us.  In addition, you can enlist your whole family for hikes, walks, runs, bike rides, or dance-athons.  If time or motivation is an issue, try fitting a few 15 minute bouts of jump roping, stair climbing, bodyweight strength training or core work into your day.  Alternatively, you could challenge yourself to do 10 squats every hour, or 15 sit ups after each zoom call.   Squeezing in a few sets of crunches, push ups or planks into commercial breaks will give you a much-needed physical and mental boost.  Every little bit counts and, trust me, you will never regret any effort you put into a better body and mind.

Healthy Food and Supplements Keep Our Minds Calm and Our Bodies Strong

In addition to working out regularly, eating well is the most important thing we can do to find a sense of calm and in control in a changing world.  According to the health experts at Forks and Knives, we should consume “as many whole plant foods as possible to both optimize nutrient content and minimize toxic burden.”  Promoting good bacteria in our gut by eating clean whole foods aids in disease prevention.  

Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants, fish and walnuts give us Omega 3 Fatty Acids, nuts and greens provide us with healthy nutrients and fiber.   Beets, carrots, apples, potatoes, cabbage and sweet potatoes will all last for months in your fridge.  Canned beans, frozen fruits and vegetables and oatmeal are also excellent pantry staples to turn to for nutritious, affordable foods that won’t expire quickly. Discovering the optimal nutrients to consume for your goals may seem overwhelming, but the Health Coaches at Golden Home Fitness can take all the guesswork out of it by designing the diet of your dreams.

While most of us do our best to ingest all the daily nutrients we need, many of us fall short even when every type of food is readily available.  If you don’t usually take a multivitamin, taking one now makes sense, as we adapt our diets to a changing planet. Golden Home Fitness has an extensive line of disease-fighting Nutraceuticals to maximize your immune response available on their website.  If you find yourself lacking energy, feeling sluggish or if your hair, skin and nails are dry, chances are you are lacking in some important nutrients.  GHF Nutraceuticals can provide the antioxidants and micronutrients you need for optimal health, and can help you manage stress.

Sleep Allows Our Bodies and Minds to Recover

Regular exercise and good nutrition are two critical components of a healthy body and mind not only during this Pandemic, but always.  Another critical component is sleep.  A good night’s sleep boosts our immune system, lowers stress, improves our mood and concentration, and makes it easier to exercise, eat right and get along with our quarantine roommates.  If you want to find your sense of calm, try to establish a soothing nighttime ritual such as reading, meditation or journaling, create a calming environment and schedule at least 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep each night.  You will find your daily tasks more manageable, your patience and humanity more attainable and your outlook much more positive.

In addition to maintaining your health, the CDC, the WHO, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx all recommend the following protocols for Covid-19 prevention:  stay at home (or outdoors but away from people) as much as possible, avoid large crowds, limit errands to essential ones, socially distance at least 6 feet, wear masks and avoid touching your face in public, wash your hands well and often, and disinfect frequently-touched areas of your home with a disinfectant such as a bleach or 70% alcohol solution.  

Our New Normal Can Be Better Than Before

Staying healthy and fit is a life-long challenge.  Doing it well improves your quality of life and gives you a sense of calm and control.  This period of time requires that we all be vigilant and patient.  Covid-19 came without warning, completely transformed our lives and has no known departure date.  Another way to hone in on a sense of balance and normalcy is to start our day by focusing on 3 deep breaths and 3 things we are grateful for. In addition, donating our skills, time or money to those in need during this Pandemic can give us a sense of hope and community in the face of so much adversity. 

None of us expected the Coronavirus Pandemic and none of us know when it will end.  If we are one of the lucky ones in good health, we owe it to ourselves and to our world to make something good come out of this time.  Besides managing our stress, we can learn a new sport, language or skill, complete a long-sought-after project or  bond with our family more than ever.  If we focus on our health and wellness, we can become healthier and stronger than ever before.  On behalf of Golden Home Fitness, may you and your family stay healthy and well, and may the end of this crisis light your path and strengthen your resolve to live the life that you deserve.


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Top 4 New Health Scientific Research for the Holidays

The holidays are here, and while it tends to be a time people ease up on their health and fitness goals, it’s important to not lose track of new scientific research developments that can help you reach and maintain your goals.

Today, we’re sharing the top 4 new health research publications for the holidays!

Top 4 New Health Scientific Research for the Holidays

1. Protein for the Holidays?: A scientific research study from Purdue looks at if we should be trying to eat more protein, such as through the holidays and in the new year. The results? Unless you’re actively working to lose weight or build muscle, you may not need as much as you think.

2. Global Report on Youth Physical Activity: Produced by the World Health Organization shows that in 2016, 81% of those age 11-17 did not meet the one hour a day level for moderate- to high-intensity activity. Consequently, urgent action is needed to improve these levels, especially for adolescent girls, as the United States is tied with Ireland for worst (146 countries included in the study) for greatest gap in activity between boys and girls.

3. Teen Social Media and Body ImageA new report in the International Journal of Eating Disorders demonstrates a strong correlation between both number of social media accounts and time spend on social media, with incidence of disordered eating.

4. Sports on the Brain: New study shows how the brains of athletes are more efficient at sensory processing and have greater nervous system function than non-athletes, supporting the notion that sports and physical activity enhances brain function.

Want to learn how to turn information into action, and action into results? We’ll schedule you a complimentary workout where we come to you at your convenience! Call (844) 704-9477 or click here to reserve a time that works for you!