Gronk Fitness Products

We’re Proud to Partner with Gronk Fitness Products!

We currently offer 20% off all products from GronkFitnessProducts.com with the promo code: “GOLDEN”! Additionally, we work with their parent company G&G Fitness Equipment to build out custom orders to fully outfit your home gym with equipment from Gronk Fitness Products and other top brands at steep discounts through developing bundle deals or getting like-new refurbished items!

Not only that, but they also offer a flat rate of $10 for shipping (which is a steal, given how expensive it usually is to ship weights and heavy equipment)! We’ve helped our personal training clients get deals on high-quality equipment like kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, benches, bands, pull-up bars, medicine balls, specialty cardio equipment, home gym flooring, and more!

If it helps you get better results, we’ll make sure you can get it at the best value possible!

The Gronk Fitness Story

The Gronkowski family, renowned in New England and around the United States for their esteemed professional athletic achievements, has also been a leader in the fitness equipment space for 30 years!

Gordy Gronkowski Sr. founded G&G Fitness in 1990, frustrated with the lack of high-quality home fitness equipment when he was looking to outfit his home gym in Buffalo, NY. He took matters into his own hands and started helping others looking for high-quality in-home exercise equipment!

In 2015, building on the massive success of Rob Gronkowski with the New England Patriots, they launched their brand learning from 25 years of successfully selling and distributing the biggest fitness brands in the world. So Gronk Fitness Products was born, with a focus on professional and results-driven training in the home, living their slogan, “It’s a Mindset”!

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