Jocelin Lamprey

Day By Day Nutrition, LLC is run by Jocelin Lamprey RD, LDN. As a registered dietitian, her approach is to improve wellness in people’s lives through one-on-one coaching and hands-on classes. She also focuses on bringing wellness to the client outside of the hospital or outpatient setting, whether it is in the home, over the phone, or in the workplace. This mission to ‘Bring Wellness to You’ aligns well with Golden Home Fitness’s approach that brings the gym to the client.

Jocelin uses a broad scope of five major topics to ensure positive health outcomes when working with individuals. She calls these topics ‘The Five Pillars of Health’. The five pillars of health include sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, and medication management. Understanding how these five areas are managed and affecting people’s lives help understand areas of opportunity to improve one’s health. Jocelin does focus heavily on nutrition since that is her area of expertise, however, if someone is not sleeping regularly or not taking medication as prescribed, those habits will affect nutritional status and overall well-being. Making sure all of the pillars of health are in balance will ensure success in the long term. Jocelin works with clients of all backgrounds, ages, and needs. The combination of her health and nutrition coaching combined with the fitness experts at Golden Home Fitness will set you up for success for a lifetime!