Justin DeGraaf

I began my fitness career like many others in athletics. Over the 14 years of playing sports I accrued over 25 seasons of Soccer, Football, and Track, as well as a laundry list of injures to accompany them. I aspired to play in college until the injuries ended that chance. The injuries sustained were a blessing however, because I not only gained an understanding of how the body gets injured, and responds to injury, but I also gained and appreciation for helping people in pain.


Through my development as a trainer and as an individual, I’ve adopted the philosophy “become the strongest version of yourself”. Not necessarily to focus on looking the best, but to make constant and consistent improvements in ones’ life every day.  To each day set a goal and upon reaching that goal to be a better person because of it. Today that is my goal, to help people reach their goals and to improve in every aspect of their life that I can help them improve upon.

AASDN nutrition specialist,
American Red Cross Lifeguard
registered for NASM CPT.
registered for NSCA CSCS.

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