Online Coaching for Weight Loss and Fitness

How Does Online Coaching Work?

1. To provide a complete exercise program and track your progress.

2. To bolster and support in-person training for days between sessions, or when traveling, and for tracking progress.

3. To bring live personal training and coaching to you through remote video sessions with your private coach.

Online Training Programs

Golden Home Fitness trainers build a training program tailored to fit your goals and needs. Forget what an exercise is? No fear – we have video demonstrations to show you exactly how to do them! We are now offering a Six Weeks to Success digital training program for purchase through the button below!

Now what are you waiting for?

Online Coaching to Maximize In-Person Training Results

Our cutting edge online coaching platform gives you the tools to keep working with your trainer remotely with full video exercise demonstration, progress tracking, and sharing video or text feedback from each training session. Connect with us to talk with a coach and get started with a complimentary workout at your convenience!

Live Video Personal Training

Everyone these days seems to be pushing a new device to come into the home, an expensive bike, monitor, treadmill, rower, etc… all with the goal of bringing high quality and live fitness coaching to your home. The dirty little secret is that you don’t need any of that fancy equipment – you have everything you need already! The accountability and expertise of the coach is the variable to your success, and we offer live video personal training sessions through your video-call enabled phone, tablet, TV, or smart-home device. To get started with a complimentary live workout, connect with us!