Gronk Fitness Home Gym – Golden Home Fitness Package

Gronk Fitness Home Gym – Golden Home Fitness Package

  • Mar 10, 2019
  • Posted by Will Hansen

$350.00 $249.99

Everything you need to take your home training to the next level, and for a value that’ll keep your bank account healthy too, saving $100 (28% off)!

Standard shipping in 3-5 business days is free!

  • 22lb (10kg) Cast-Iron Gronk Spike Kettlebell
  • 8lb Medicine Ball
  • Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar for Doorframes
  • Durable Ring Suspension Kit
  • 18″ Foam Roller
  • Strength Bands with Resistances:
    • XX-Light (5-35lb)
    • Light (25-80lb)
  • Anti-Slip Yoga Mat
  • A Month of GHF Virtual Training


We’re excited to bring you the GHF Gronk Fitness Home Gym Package! We partner with Gronk Fitness Products to bring you the highest quality home fitness equipment paired with the highest quality home training with GHF!

You likely know the of Gronkowski family, renowned in New England and around the United States for their esteemed professional athletic achievements.  You may not know, they have also been a leader in the fitness equipment space for 30 years!

Gordy Gronkowski Sr. founded G&G Fitness in 1990, frustrated with the lack of high-quality home fitness equipment when he was looking to outfit his home gym in Buffalo, NY. He took matters into his own hands and started helping others looking for high-quality in-home exercise equipment!

In 2015, building on the massive success of Rob Gronkowski with the New England Patriots, they launched their brand learning from 25 years of successfully selling and distributing the biggest fitness brands in the world. So Gronk Fitness Products was born, with a focus on professional and results-driven training in the home, living their slogan, “It’s a Mindset”!

Full Gronk Fitness Home Gym GHF Package Description:

  • 22lb (10kg) Cast-Iron Gronk Spike Kettlebell
    • Versatile for whatever strength level you are at now and as you progress!
    • Great for strength, conditioning, and even mobility work! Such as kettlebell swings, squats, step-ups, rows, deadlifts, pressing, carries, and much more!
  • 8lb Medicine Ball
    • Perfect as a weight for core exercises and when working with smaller muscle groups.
    • Great for more advanced exercises with reduced stability.
    • Want to take it outside? Ideal for dynamic exercises like side to side ball slams, chest passes, and scoop tosses to train the whole body while getting conditioning in!
  • Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar for Doorframes
    • A non-invasive way to elevate your home training, great for exercises on the bar like hanging ab exercises and pull-up progressions.
    • Also perfect for pairing with other equipment like the ring suspension kit for suspension exercises, or with the strength bands for push-downs, pull-downs, and face pulls to shape your arms and tone your shoulders, plus much more!
    • Fits in doorways where most other pull-up bars won’t work! Doorways up to 32″ wide, and usable for up to 300lb of weight.
  • Durable Ring Suspension Kit
    • Ideal for bodyweight rows, elevated push-ups, ring dips, face pulls, pistol squats, and many suspension-based core exercises to work those abs at a new level!
  • 18″ Foam Roller
    • Perfect for releasing tension in tight muscles, relaxing after a long day, and reducing pain.
  • Strength Bands with Resistances:
    • XX-Light – great for mobility and training smaller muscle groups. Resistance is 5-35lb.
    • Light – great for assisted pull-ups and training larger muscle groups. Resistance is 25-80lb.
  • Anti-Slip Yoga Mat
    • This eco-friendly yoga mat will keep you locked in, preventing slipping on hardwood floor or rugs, and provide a cushion for protecting your joints when you exercise on it!
  • A Month of Virtual Training
    • To help you make the most out of your new package, we also include a month of accessing our virtual training programs!
    • Clear and concise instructional videos for each movement over three time-efficient workouts per week.
    • Easily track progress through our built-in metric sets and exercise history log.
    • Intuitive and easy to use interface with workout reminders every day.
    • Weekly notifications to recap progress and preview the next steps.

GHF and Gronk Fitness Home Gym

Want even more equipment?

We currently offer 20% off all products from with the promo code: “GOLDEN”! Additionally, we work with their parent company G&G Fitness Equipment to build out custom orders for a home gym built just for you! Your custom home gym can include equipment from Gronk Fitness Products as well as other top brands at steep discounts!

They also offer a flat rate of $10 for shipping (which is a steal, given how expensive it usually is to ship weights and heavy equipment)! We’ve helped our personal training clients get deals on high-quality equipment. This includes kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, benches, bands, pull-up bars, medicine balls, specialty cardio equipment, home gym flooring, and more!

If it helps you get better results, we’ll make sure you can get it at the best value possible!

For more on how we collaborate with Gronk Fitness, check out the articles on our blog:

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Home Gym

4 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Lifestyle (from the Gronk Fitness Products blog)

Curious how this could work for you? Let’s get in touch and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of!

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