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How Peloton Paved the Way for “Chic Home Fitness” Innovation

In the Wake of Peloton’s $1 Billion IPO, Reflecting on “Chic Home Fitness” and Local Innovator, Golden Home Fitness

Peloton has raced ahead to become a household name, synonymous with working out at home for many. Now, more people than ever are thinking about skipping the gym to stay home and workout without so much as putting a foot out the door. Local startup, Golden Home Fitness, founded in Winchester in 2015 with a new Personal Training Studio in North Andover, has taken this trend a step further, bringing in-home fitness instruction out of the screen and into real life, with in-home and on-site Personal Training. Here, we’ll cover how Peloton has set the pace for the field and paved the way for local companies like Golden Home Fitness to clip-in, get in the saddle, and help clients on the road to fitness success, right at home.

The Clothes Hanger Treadmill

It’s an archetypal vice: the “Clothes Hanger Treadmill,” the January 15th cupboard of untouched Kale Smoothies, the Gym Membership that’s never used but kept for “next week/month/tomorrow when I’ll get into gear…” Hopefully, these familiar tropes are foreign to you, but frankly, as we all know, it is far to easy to slide down this slippery slope of “almost did.” Now, why is this such a common problem? 

It’s because we’re asking ourselves to climb Mount Everest without any extra oxygen; we’ve hamstrung our chances of success before even starting. By making health and fitness a rugged endeavor, where we have to summon all the willpower and carry on through the pain, we make it far to easy to quit. After all, no one’s forcing us to do it (usually), and if we decided to drink Kale Smoothies, we could just as well decide to quit. 

The Maillot Jaune of “Chic Home Fitness” Equipment

Now, with that mindset of “no pain, no gain,” home fitness has been relegated to the fringe, since why would you want to think of agonizing workouts when you’re trying to watch Netflix? The key is to make going towards your fitness goals fun, attractive, results-driven, and incremental. You should look forward to not just the result, but to enjoy the process, choose the activities and equipment that you can integrate into your day-to-day lifestyle. 

Where Peloton has changed the game is by making challenging seem chic, sweaty feel swanky, and intense feel inspired. A now-viral twitter chain makes fun of the company’s seemingly over-the-top advertising of where Peloton bikes look to be best-suited. Still, the effect of this persistent branding, combined with showrooms in luxurious malls (something itself blasphemous of for home workout gear), has opened the door for an entirely new “Chic Home Fitness” industry. The success of this approach is evident in their 0.65% churn rate (monthly membership turnover), which is roughly a quarter of what most gyms experience. 

Racing Ahead of the Peloton Together

Despite the negative attention on being over-priced or unnecessary, people seem to be agreeing with their wallets. Having grown from $348.6 million to $719.2 million in revenues during the Fiscal Year 2019 and recently held their Initial Public Offering raising over $1 Billion, there seems no sign of slowing down the cadence soon. New competitors such as Mirror, Fight Camp, and Tonal, as well as established brands like Technogym, have capitalized on this new mindset towards exercising at-home in style.

What all these companies lack is an in-person human connection. Local startup Golden Home Fitness has addressed this need while providing the convenient, time-saving, and results-driven training that we’ve now come to associate with these “Chic Home Fitness” companies. This approach has struck a chord, having seen steady growth since founding in 2015, now including a live personal training and wellness studio in North Andover. More and more people are associating fitness success with fitness in-home: they do not see it as a painful process, but as an elegant addition to home life, and as an inspired, fun, and chic addition to daily living.

. . .

By Coach Will H. Hansen, a professional Personal Trainer of six years and a Home Fitness enthusiast of over fifteen years. Photos include Coach Dovile Zemaityte on a Gronk Fitness RXM Bike in the cover photo, as well as the GHF Team with Gordie Gronkowski Jr. of Gronk Fitness Products at the Studio Grand Opening.

Essential Home Fitness Equipment Ring Rows

Essential Home Fitness Equipment – Anatomy of a Home Gym Part 2

Exercising at home can save you time, money, and even help you think more creatively! But where do you start, and what kind of equipment should you have to outfit a home gym? In part 1 of our Anatomy of a Home Gym series, we shared the process of deciding what essential home fitness equipment to start with, and then shared a few quick workouts to make the most of it!

Through this series, Coach Will H. Hansen is sharing his top tips for efficient and effective home workouts from personal experience and from helping clients. To recap part 1, the most important question to ask for deciding on essential home fitness equipment is, “What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training?”

Today, we’re taking the next step, looking at what equipment piece or a couple of pieces you can get next to take your training to new heights! Let’s remember that for working out at home, maximizing efficiency and convenience is a top goal.

Essential Home Fitness Equipment Rings and Pull-Up Bar

After we discussed the Chaimberg RXM Air Bike from Gronk Fitness Products in part 1, the next step is to add equipment for some full-body strength workouts! While it’s possible to get free weights from basic household implements like buckets filled with water, or a backpack filled with textbooks, doing bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, bodyweight rows, and the like, is much more logistically difficult. Consequently, getting a good pull-up bar and a suspension kit such as a TRX unit, or a more economical set of gymnastics rings, you can add another dimension to your training with a space and time-efficient workout without breaking the bank!

Essential Home Fitness Equipment: Why Bodyweight Exercise Matters

For most people, training is a means to feel better, look better, and improve their day to day functioning. Training with a pull-up bar and rings is excellent for each of these goals. Bodyweight training will develop strength specific to moving your body in space, important for day-to-day mobility! When you are doing large, compound exercises like pull-ups and inverted rows, you recruit several muscle groups and in doing so, are elevating your heart rate to burn more calories both during the exercise session and after. Best of all, you don’t need a massive set of weights to train, just get up and go! It’s also easy to progress by simply changing the angle of your body with the inverted rows, or by modifying the tempo of the pull-ups, such as adding longer pauses at the top.

Now let’s get moving! In our next article, we’ll share our top workouts you can do right at home in 30 minutes or less, using just the essential home fitness equipment we discussed today. Want a coach to come to you and help you get the most out of what you have at home? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout!

Home Fitness Equipment RXM Bike

Best Home Fitness Equipment to Start With – Anatomy of a Home Gym Part 1

So, you’re thinking about investing in the best home fitness equipment, but where do you start? Then, what do you do with it? We’ll answer both of those questions today in the first segment of the new “Anatomy of a Home Gym” series on our blog!

Director of Operations, Coach Will H. Hansen is here speaking from his personal experience and from helping clients asks the number one question to ask when outfitting a home gym: What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training? This is important because the goal for most people training at home is to maximize efficiency and convenience without losing major components of how we’re used to training! 

What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training?

Today, I’ll focus on the single best purchase of home fitness equipment I’ve made to date and that answers the above question perfectly for me: the Chaimberg RXM Air Bike from Gronk Fitness Products. In general, air bikes are great because they utilize both or either the arms and legs, they don’t take up much space, and they have minimal impact on your joints, as compared to other conditioning activities like running. The fan driver means the resistance adjusts to how hard you are pushing and it gives you a nice breeze in the hot summer (especially useful in a non-airconditioned apartment like mine)! 

What’s the Biggest Impact Equipment?

While most people might think to get the biggest impact pieces like a power rack, weights, and a barbell first, something I learned from Dave Tate, Founder of EliteFTS, is that you’re likely not trying to go 0 to 60 with your home gym and make your house a fully functional gym (unless that’s the goal!). Instead, that the first thing you should do is to find the best way to compliment what you are doing now, such that your life becomes more efficient, and so you can add a dimension to your training.

For me, I would always find an excuse to not go to the gym for sessions that were exclusively cardio, conditioning, or aerobic recovery sessions, and was rarely excited to do mountain climbers, jumping jacks, or the like, at home. So by choosing a versatile conditioning piece like the RXM air bike, I now can easily roll out of bed or off the couch and onto the bike, and before I even know it I’m done with the workout. I’ve also always absolutely loved using air bikes, so instead of dreading the cardio, I look forward to using it! Additionally, while before I would only do purely conditioning sessions as recovery days, lasting 30-40 minutes, now that I’m already at home with the bike I’ve been able to incorporate far more short-duration but high-effect HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and HICT (discussed below) training methods. 

As you can see, this satisfied both parts of the above question for me: I’m saving time getting ready and going to the gym, and now I’m able to incorporate more short duration training activities, which in turn means greater fitness and more time to do all the other things in my day. Not to mention, I really enjoy it! Clearly, this materially improves my quality of life in multiple ways and isn’t what this whole investing in yourself thing is supposed to be about?

Enough talking, let’s get moving! In our next article, we’ll share our top 5 workouts you can do right at home in 30 minutes or less, using just the RXM Chaimberg Bike discussed today. Want a coach to come to you and help you get the most out of what you have at home? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout!

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Home Gym

You’ve decided you want to workout at home and you’re excited to get started! You know how much time and money you can save by working out at home instead of going to the gym, but when you look around your house or apartment area all you see is a sofa, a love seat, and TV. If you’re used to working out at a gym with shiny machines your whole life, this can be pretty demotivating! As we’ve discussed before, you don’t need a whole lot of equipment to reach your fitness goals at home, but for many people, that’s the way that they know how to train. So here are four questions to answer when outfitting your own home gym:

1. What do you like to do?

GASP! “What do I like to do??” You mean fitness isn’t about torturing myself and embracing a culture of “no pain no gain”? NO! The whole point of fitness and wellness is making it a part of a healthy, active lifestyle centered around being able to do activities you enjoy for a very long time to come. Now that’s not to say you should completely avoid things you don’t like, in fact improving at exercises you suck at is a fast track to great progress. However, if the idea of walking or running on a treadmill is more dull to you than watching Ferris Bueller’s teacher take attendance, then don’t buy one (or else it will quickly turn into an infamous clothes hanger treadmill)! There are a number of alternative ways to improve your health and wellness, and the process overall should be one that enriches your life, so start by picking tools, implements, and equipment that allow you do do things that you enjoy.

2. What are your goals?

Do you want to be able to do 10 pushups in a row? Squat twice your bodyweight? Run a marathon? Be able to go up a flight of stairs without being winded? Lose fat and feel better throughout the day? Clearly defining your goals will influence how to equip your home gym. If your goals are strength based such as barbell squatting a certain amount, you’re going to need a good barbell, free weights, a quality rack or squat stand, and collars to start. If your goal is to lose fat and feel better then there is far less specificity in what equipment you will need, and decisions will be much more dictated by your preferences, your budget, and your space.

3. What space and budget do you have available?

When it comes to maximizing your available space and budget, the options can be dizzying and it’s best to consult with a professional. If you’re in the northeast, Gronk Fitness Products / G&G Fitness Equipment is top notch, and we trust them to help out our clients. If you have no space and want to start out simple they have deeply discounted resistance bands and small items that we provide as a complimentary gift for our clients as needed. Have a couple things already but want to invest in a versatile piece of cardio equipment? The industry leading and compact WaterRower and RXM Air Bike could be a perfect solution. If you’re looking for a full high-end garage gym or basement gym build-out, they’ll take care of the design and planning of the space to make every inch as efficient, results-driven, and safe as possible, complete the install, and provide maintenance through the durable life cycle of the equipment.

If you’re someone who travels constantly, you can work with our trainers when you are local, then stay connected through our mobile training solutions, and if needed, find appropriate pieces of equipment to bring with you!

What if you have no budget but still want some equipment to work with? For most fitness equipment it definitely holds true that you get what you pay for, so we don’t generally recommend going for the lowest end version of the equipment you’re used to working with at the gym. This is especially true when there are so many alternatives available, such as training with bodyweight, household objects, or building your own DIY equipment!

Bottom line:

If you want to get results, love working out with equipment at the gym, but think you can’t get the same workout at home while saving time and money, think again! There are solutions for every budget and every amount of space that will allow you to see the results you’ve always wanted, and enjoy doing it!

Call (844) 704-9477 or leave your information below to get in touch with us and set up a risk-free consultation:

4 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Lifestyle

This article was originally published on and has been re-published here with permission from the author.

What’s up Gronk Fitness!

While today’s blog is not meant to judge you or critique your lifestyle’s choices, it IS meant to motivate you into finding the time to fit training into your busy lifestyle.

With big and crazy changes happening ceaselessly, even the Gronk Bros find it hard to carve out the time to put a solid workout in. The problem however, is not “lack of time” but rather failing to properly organize your time in a productive and decisive manner. And yet, with work, family and social obligations taking up a huge chunk of your day, you can STILL find ways to complete effective and time-saving workouts that don’t require 2 or 3 hours in the gym every single day.


So, you don’t have the time to get to the gym today, or most days for that matter. Have you ever considered training at home? Surely you have 30 to 45 minutes a few times a week for a total body workout that will challenge your strength and endurance AND help you reach your fitness goals!

Particularly if your apartment or house is around the general Boston MA area, Golden Home Fitness might fit your busy and chaotic lifestyle like a glove!



Whether you are an active professional, a busy mom, a married professional or you’re simply retired and don’t know where to start when it comes to fitness, it might benefit you a lot to have a qualified, certified and experienced personal trainer evaluate you and help you formulate and reach your goals.

And hey…the best part is that you can do all this in your home. They will provide you with the equipment, the information, the tips…even the motivation to get your mind right! Can you really beat that?


Although it might look expensive at first, in the long term it really isn’t. It is durable piece of equipment that will allow you to get a full body workout in, in just under 25 minutes.

  • Combines strength & cardio in one
  • No impact on your joints & muscles
  • Adjustable & self-regulating
  • No noise – southing and relaxing sound
  • Targets all muscle groups from head to toe


Similarly to the Water Rower, the RXM Bike has the Gronk signature of quality all over it and it’s a great piece of home equipment that can help you burn calories, tone your body and drop weight without straining your joints or taking up too much of your time!

  • No impact or strain on your joints & muscles
  • Automatic belt tensioner to adjust the resistance
  • Completely silent and relaxing
  • No chains or maintenance needed


While all the above options are great for at-home training, what about when you travel or staying at hotels? Is that an excuse to skip your workout? Absolute not!

All you need to do is bring a set of Gronk Stretch Bands with you and mix them up with bodyweight exercises to get a million benefits. You don’t even have to leave the room.

Here’s a sample workout you can do with just your body and a few resistance bands.

  • Decline Pushups – Feet on a chair or bed and hands on the ground
  • Band Rows – Secure a band around your feet and perform the band equivalent of a cable row
  • Band Squats – Secure a band around your knees and squat with your body weight while fighting your knees from collapsing in
  • Bicep Curls – Stand on the middle of a band and curl the band using your arms
  • Alternating Lunges – Lunge, jump and lunge again with a switched stance
  • Band Lateral Raises – Step on the middle of a light band and perform a regular side raise with both arms at the same time

…and literally hundreds more workouts you can perform without ever leaving the room!


Yes, our lives might be getting busier and busier but that shouldn’t stop us from training our bodies or our minds. Neglecting your training is the first step to failure, which is why you should always free up a few hours of your week to train your body, reach your fitness goals and get your mind right.

How To Train At Home – Practical Examples

Working out at home can be the best and most practical solution when there are many constraints on your day. It’s a great alternative to driving all the way to the gym then standing in line waiting for your turn with a piece of equipment. For many people, training at home is a no-brainer. It’s their preferred way to exercise, every time.

It’s rare that someone has exactly the same equipment in their home that you would find in a gym, but that needn’t be a problem. By following a personal regime designed specifically for you, you can achieve your objectives more efficiently and with less hassle.

Working out with no equipment, or simple fitness equipment, can improve your balance, co-ordination, fitness, and strength. It also means that you don’t lose an entire room to gym equipment.

Training with Mini-Bands

Watch this six-part series from one of our trainers, Zach Visco, as he provides six exercise variations in under one minute each that you can perform easily at home with an affordable and easy-to-store mini-band.

Training with a Stability Ball

Here, personal trainer Will Hansen demonstrates a few exercises you can perform with a stability ball to challenge your core, as well as the back side of your legs and your butt.

The possible workouts at home are endless, and we have more examples on our YouTube channel for bodyweight exercises and other ways to train at home. We’ll visit those in another article, and the mass of possibilities can seem daunting, which is why hiring a personal trainer to work with you in home can be a great investment!

Working Out at Home with a Personal Trainer

Working with a professional trainer is key to getting the most out of your exercise time. A trainer can work with you to ensure your program gets the necessary adjustments to keep you on track.

At a busy gym, trying to make that appointment with the personal trainer you are most comfortable with can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes, trying to book an appointment to update your fitness program can be a nightmare.

At Golden Home Fitness, however, our personal trainers are professional, focused, friendly, and attentive. Our personal trainers come to you, where you are, and when you are available.

Our personal trainers will provide just the right level of motivation and education to help you achieve your fitness objectives fast. We can help you reach your goals while minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing your enjoyment!

To schedule your free home consultation, call (844) 704-9477 or send us an email to