10 Minute Home Workout

10 Minute Home Workout to Bring the Heat this Fall

You know the feeling: 6 am on a cold October morning, every single cell in your body is telling you to crawl back under the covers but you know you should go workout. How do you make this process less painful? Start small and start right at home! In the time it takes you to brew your coffee and prepare breakfast, you can do a great 10 minute home workout that will get you warmed up and ready to have a successful day! Here’s one of our favorite “roll-out of bed and get moving” workouts for the fall:

10 Minute Home Workout:

1. Just Get Moving! (2 Minutes) Keep it simple and just get moving; you can do jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbers, stair-stepping, or dynamic stretching. You want to build momentum here before your even awake enough to realize you’re working out. Just 2 minutes of your favorite movement, or a mix of a few, will do.

2. Core and Mobility (3 minutes) Pick 3-4 exercises you enjoy for core and mobility and perform them twice through in circuit fashion. For example:

3. Strength Circuit (4 minutes) Again pick 3-4 exercises, this time focused on strength through the upper body (pulling and pushing) and lower body. Perform the circuit twice, doing 10-15 reps of each exercise. For example:

4. HIIT Finisher (1 Minute) Pick one exercise, and perform it for 10 seconds as hard as you can, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this process three times for 1-minute total. Using an interval timer app or clock is recommended. For example, choose one of:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Stair Switch Hops
  • Squat Jumps
  • Ab Bicycles

This article was written by Coach Will H. Hansen and published here by the author.

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30 Minute Home Workout Pull Up Rings

Top 30 Minute Home Workout with Pull-Up Bar and Rings

Knowing that it’s beneficial to workout at home is one thing, but what do you do with your space and equipment? Today, we’re building on our most recent article in the Anatomy of a Home Gym series, by sharing our top 30 minute home workout with a Pull-Up Bar and Rings!

30 Minute Home Workout:

1. Warm-Up! Using a pull-up bar and rings doesn’t just have to be a part of the workout alone, but can be an integral part of the warm-up as well. After a general warmup consisting of exercises like jumping jacks or steady biking on a stationary bike, you can head straight to the pull-up bar and rings for a more specific upper body dynamic warm-up. Performing a variety of just moderately challenging bodyweight movements will prepare your body for the more intense workout to come. For examples, check out the exercises we highlighted for using on a park swing set, traditionally done with rings or a suspension kit.

2. Pull-Up Tempo Reps: You may be thinking, “I can’t do any/many pull-ups, these will be too challenging for me,” but not so fast! No matter your level, you can gain benefit from varying the tempo of pull-ups. In other words, spend more time in either the hanging at the bottom, the hold at the top, or either up or down. Even if all you can do is hang on for dear life, you are strengthening your grip and upper back muscles to be able to stabilize and handle more workload! Alternatively, if you’re a pull-up superstar, slowing down the lowering portion of the pull-up, or adding long pauses throughout will increase the difficulty. Somewhere in the middle? Start by holding yourself at the top position, jumping, stepping from an elevated surface, or using assistance to get there first.

3. Ring-Row / Ring Push-Up: Pairing exercises – especially those working opposite muscles – is an excellent way to save time and get an efficient workout in! Rings are excellent for this because all you need to do is flip around, and you can adjust the height of the rings to make the exercise more or less difficult, or by adding a variation like including a pause.

4. Ab Training Circuit: Pick 3-4 ab exercises with the pull-up bar and rings and go through them as many times as possible in a set amount of time! This will keep you on schedule and help you get extra ab work in – and who doesn’t want that? Examples to choose from:

  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Hanging Scissors
  • Hanging Knee Circles
  • TRX Pike (Feet in Rings)
  • TRX Plank (Feet in Rings)
  • TRX Buzzsaw (Feet in Rings)
  • TRX Alternate Knee Tuck (Feet in Rings)

5. Cooldown Stretch – Hang Out! If like many people, you sit at a desk for work or hold much stress, your shoulders are likely pretty tight! Just grab hold of the bar and hang for as long as you can comfortably, and you’ll get a great stretch, grip workout, and cool down.

This article was written by Coach Will H. Hansen and published here by the author.

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Essential Home Fitness Equipment Ring Rows

Essential Home Fitness Equipment – Anatomy of a Home Gym Part 2

Exercising at home can save you time, money, and even help you think more creatively! But where do you start, and what kind of equipment should you have to outfit a home gym? In part 1 of our Anatomy of a Home Gym series, we shared the process of deciding what essential home fitness equipment to start with, and then shared a few quick workouts to make the most of it!

Through this series, Coach Will H. Hansen is sharing his top tips for efficient and effective home workouts from personal experience and from helping clients. To recap part 1, the most important question to ask for deciding on essential home fitness equipment is, “What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training?”

Today, we’re taking the next step, looking at what equipment piece or a couple of pieces you can get next to take your training to new heights! Let’s remember that for working out at home, maximizing efficiency and convenience is a top goal.

Essential Home Fitness Equipment Rings and Pull-Up Bar

After we discussed the Chaimberg RXM Air Bike from Gronk Fitness Products in part 1, the next step is to add equipment for some full-body strength workouts! While it’s possible to get free weights from basic household implements like buckets filled with water, or a backpack filled with textbooks, doing bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, bodyweight rows, and the like, is much more logistically difficult. Consequently, getting a good pull-up bar and a suspension kit such as a TRX unit, or a more economical set of gymnastics rings, you can add another dimension to your training with a space and time-efficient workout without breaking the bank!

Essential Home Fitness Equipment: Why Bodyweight Exercise Matters

For most people, training is a means to feel better, look better, and improve their day to day functioning. Training with a pull-up bar and rings is excellent for each of these goals. Bodyweight training will develop strength specific to moving your body in space, important for day-to-day mobility! When you are doing large, compound exercises like pull-ups and inverted rows, you recruit several muscle groups and in doing so, are elevating your heart rate to burn more calories both during the exercise session and after. Best of all, you don’t need a massive set of weights to train, just get up and go! It’s also easy to progress by simply changing the angle of your body with the inverted rows, or by modifying the tempo of the pull-ups, such as adding longer pauses at the top.

Now let’s get moving! In our next article, we’ll share our top workouts you can do right at home in 30 minutes or less, using just the essential home fitness equipment we discussed today. Want a coach to come to you and help you get the most out of what you have at home? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout!

4th of July Home Workout

Declare Independence from the Gym! Your 4th of July Home Workout Guide

You’ve heard this story before, getting charged for fees you have no say over, people crowding your space and inhibiting your natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Is this colonial Britain or your big box gym? July 4th is here, and it’s time for you to declare Independence from your gym! Today is a perfect opportunity to reclaim your home while gyms close for the holiday and to give working out at home a go. We’re sharing with you a fun themed 4th of July home workout guide for right at home, with our GHF Gronk Fitness Home Gym equipment or with just bodyweight and everyday household items (Exercise demonstrations are either shown in an embedded video or hyperlinked in the exercise title)!

The 4th of July Home Workout Warmup:

  1. Birddog
  2. Groiner
  3. Y-Handcuffs
  4. Plank to Push-Up (or Shoulder Taps Alt.)

Part 1. Stars and Stripes:

A1. Let Freedom Ring Rows

4 sets of 10-15 repetitions (or Single-Arm Row Across the Delaware River)

A2. Star Plank

4 sets of 20-60 seconds

Part 2. Boston Tea Party:

B1. Boston Y-W-Tea Party

4 sets of a 10-20 sec hold each position (Y, W, and T)

B2. Liberty Bell Swings

(No Kettlebells or Dumbbells on Independence Day, just Liberty Bells!)

4 sets of 10-15 reps

B3. Eagle Sit-Ups

4 sets of 8-12

Part 3. Made in 1776:

C. The Shot Heard Round the World Plank

17 total reps, 8 going one direction, 9 going the other.

D. Let Freedom Ring Push-Ups

76 total reps, broken up into smaller sets and resting as needed. Can be done as shown elevated with rings, or with any push-up variation that’s appropriate for you.

4. Paul Revere’s Ride:

E1. One if by Land…

1 Minute of American Grizzly Bear Crawl (across distance or in-place)

E2. Two if by Sea…

2 Minutes of American Alligator Walk (with Furniture Sliders on carpet or Socks on the hardwood – down a hallway if possible)


Stretch as needed! Suggestions: Figure 4 Seated Hamstring Stretch, Groiner Stretch Hold, Hurdler Stretch or Seated Figure 4 Stretch

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For an Independence Day Inspired All-American Home-Workout Playlist, check out our Spotify:

Home Exercise Bike Dovile

Top Five 30 Minute Workouts with a Home Exercise Bike

Our last article focused on how to choose the best home fitness equipment to start with and Coach Will H. Hansen shared the one most important question for having your home gym improve your quality of life. The result of the process was the Chaimberg RXM Bike: Gronk Fitness Edition. Today, we’ll take a deep dive into five great 30-minute conditioning workouts you can do with a home exercise bike to save time while getting results!

Top Five 30 Minute Workouts with a Home Exercise Bike:

1. HIIT – Minute Intervals – Time-Based: Choose the setting “Time Intervals” and bike as hard as you can maintain for 60 seconds, then rest a set period of time, generally 60, 90, or 120 seconds. Note your wattage produced or average miles per hour, and maintain that score as close as you can to your first bout (with a target range of +/- 10% from the wattage).

2. HIIT – Mile Repeats – Distance-Based: Choose the setting “Distance Intervals” and do just as above, only now you’re biking for a set distance and maintaining your time to completion. Take slightly longer rest periods here as needed. If you’re wearing a heart rate monitor you can also modulate your rest based on how quickly your heart rate returns to a moderate level between bouts.

3. Tabata – or Reverse Tabata: Tabata-style training is 8 minutes alternating all-out maximal effort work periods of 20 seconds, punctuated by 10 second rest periods. If that sounds too intense (hint: it is quite intense if done properly), try a “Reverse Tabata,” which is 10-second all-out work bouts, punctuated by 20 second rest periods.

4. HICTHigh-Intensity Continuous Training: This is a “fun” one! You probably haven’t done this before, but you just may like it a lot. Combining short high-intensity pushes (a single push at a time) with short rest periods (2-3 seconds) continued over a set amount of time (7 minutes at a time, for example), you gain a unique benefit of training the powerful parts of your muscles, while also making them resilient to fatigue!

5. LSD – No, not the hallucinogenic LSD… Long Slow Distance: This gets a bad rap, but is excellent for recovery and low to moderate level conditioning as well as for many of the mental feel-good benefits of exercise. For one example, steady cardio is renowned for its impact on the release of Seratonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter, and the focus of many anti-depressant medications.

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Home Fitness Equipment RXM Bike

Best Home Fitness Equipment to Start With – Anatomy of a Home Gym Part 1

So, you’re thinking about investing in the best home fitness equipment, but where do you start? Then, what do you do with it? We’ll answer both of those questions today in the first segment of the new “Anatomy of a Home Gym” series on our blog!

Director of Operations, Coach Will H. Hansen is here speaking from his personal experience and from helping clients asks the number one question to ask when outfitting a home gym: What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training? This is important because the goal for most people training at home is to maximize efficiency and convenience without losing major components of how we’re used to training! 

What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training?

Today, I’ll focus on the single best purchase of home fitness equipment I’ve made to date and that answers the above question perfectly for me: the Chaimberg RXM Air Bike from Gronk Fitness Products. In general, air bikes are great because they utilize both or either the arms and legs, they don’t take up much space, and they have minimal impact on your joints, as compared to other conditioning activities like running. The fan driver means the resistance adjusts to how hard you are pushing and it gives you a nice breeze in the hot summer (especially useful in a non-airconditioned apartment like mine)! 

What’s the Biggest Impact Equipment?

While most people might think to get the biggest impact pieces like a power rack, weights, and a barbell first, something I learned from Dave Tate, Founder of EliteFTS, is that you’re likely not trying to go 0 to 60 with your home gym and make your house a fully functional gym (unless that’s the goal!). Instead, that the first thing you should do is to find the best way to compliment what you are doing now, such that your life becomes more efficient, and so you can add a dimension to your training.

For me, I would always find an excuse to not go to the gym for sessions that were exclusively cardio, conditioning, or aerobic recovery sessions, and was rarely excited to do mountain climbers, jumping jacks, or the like, at home. So by choosing a versatile conditioning piece like the RXM air bike, I now can easily roll out of bed or off the couch and onto the bike, and before I even know it I’m done with the workout. I’ve also always absolutely loved using air bikes, so instead of dreading the cardio, I look forward to using it! Additionally, while before I would only do purely conditioning sessions as recovery days, lasting 30-40 minutes, now that I’m already at home with the bike I’ve been able to incorporate far more short-duration but high-effect HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and HICT (discussed below) training methods. 

As you can see, this satisfied both parts of the above question for me: I’m saving time getting ready and going to the gym, and now I’m able to incorporate more short duration training activities, which in turn means greater fitness and more time to do all the other things in my day. Not to mention, I really enjoy it! Clearly, this materially improves my quality of life in multiple ways and isn’t what this whole investing in yourself thing is supposed to be about?

Enough talking, let’s get moving! In our next article, we’ll share our top 5 workouts you can do right at home in 30 minutes or less, using just the RXM Chaimberg Bike discussed today. Want a coach to come to you and help you get the most out of what you have at home? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout!