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GHF Personal Training Studio Grand Opening with Gordie Gronkowski!

In North Andover, MA on October 16, 2019, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our first GHF Personal Training Studio! This gives us the opportunity to combine the best of the personal training studio model and the convenience of the in-home training model, giving clients a results-driven concierge solution to their fitness needs. Gordie Gronkowski, Jr. joined us to unveil the Gronk Zone functional training area and to demo the Gronk Fitness equipment that our personal training studio clients are already getting to know and love!


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Empowering People to Live Longer, Fuller Lives No Matter Their Age

We are an in-home and on-site concierge fitness company, founded in Winchester in 2015 by Dr. Bill Thorpe, and have grown steadily throughout the North Shore and beyond. By bringing personal training and wellness services to our clients at home or in their apartment community, our clients have been able to train more consistently and see better results.

GHF Personal Training Studio Grand Opening in North Andover, MA

Many of our clients have a home gym (often outfitted with Gronk Fitness Equipment). The time is now prime for this North Andover Personal Training Studio to become our first “Home Gym” base of complete wellness, welcoming in clients to achieve their goals at-home, in-studio, or both! By adding massage, physical therapy, yoga, and group exercise all under one roof, the GHF Studio will be the new home for fitness in North Andover.

Want a coach to help you see your best results yet? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout in the studio or in the convenience of your own home!

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The Golden Home Fitness Mission

We at Golden Home Fitness provide our clients with Premier, Professional, and Precise fitness and wellness services wherever best serves their needs: on-site, in-home, in their apartment community, or in their office building.

We empower people to live longer, fuller lives no matter their age.

Our Vision

We are a leading wellness company. We are the Premier Solution for Concierge Personal Training.  We remove the barriers to client success by bringing professional services to them. We use the most precise methods known to maximize our Client’s own potential.

Golden Home Fitness Core Values









Who Are We, Really?

TRUST is the currency of our business. We have an incredible calling to transform lives. Our innovative business model allows Clients to save time and money while achieving extraordinary results. We believe in TRUST within our company, with our clients, and with our allied partnerships.

INTEGRITY is the basis of TRUST.  We are principally at the service of our clients. INTEGRITY starts by always asking yourself if your actions are that of the ideal you hold for yourself, doing above and beyond what’s promised, on time and by whatever means necessary.

The human body is complex and no two clients are ever the same. ORIGINALITY is necessary to create Client solutions as variable as our Client settings and Client training needs. This demands a tremendous amount of creativity in the process to achieve the outcome.

Training methods are time tested with a steadfast commitment to the basic universal principles of human performance. Our chief value-add is COACHING since exercise programs are a commodity and do not lead to success alone. Our Trainers LEARN all relevant information about the Client, their own strengths and the Client’s areas for improvement. We know the principles that tie both together and ADAPT to guide a client through their transformation.

We believe in open dialogue. Continuous improvement comes from leaders demonstrating vulnerability. We create the space for EMPATHY, the starting point of all productive relationships.

GROWTH: there will never be a best method for coaching clients, never a best method for serving new clients, and never a best method for running a company. As a result, we must be committed to LEARN, always considering what can be done better and how we can ADAPT to survive and thrive in an ever-changing and complex world.

Golden Home Fitness is a company founded by William P. Thorpe, MD, PhD.  Bill is trained as a medical doctor and biomedical engineer and has vast experience in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups in the medical, engineering and educational fields.  Bill is a former collegiate gymnast and has a long history of interest in personal fitness. He understands the dedication involved in fitness training. Golden Home Fitness gives Bill the opportunity to share his passion for a fit lifestyle and spread his enthusiasm for fitness with others.  Bill is a devoted husband and father and had two Golden Retrievers: Jersey and Nantucket, for which the company is named.

Golden Home Fitness Founder Dr. Bill Thorpe

Dr. Bill is staying active even on vacation at 62 years young!

In accordance with our commitment to overdeliver, we start everyone with their first workout with us for free! Schedule yours by filling out this form here.

How To Train At Home – Practical Examples

Working out at home can be the best and most practical solution when there are many constraints on your day. It’s a great alternative to driving all the way to the gym then standing in line waiting for your turn with a piece of equipment. For many people, training at home is a no-brainer. It’s their preferred way to exercise, every time.

It’s rare that someone has exactly the same equipment in their home that you would find in a gym, but that needn’t be a problem. By following a personal regime designed specifically for you, you can achieve your objectives more efficiently and with less hassle.

Working out with no equipment, or simple fitness equipment, can improve your balance, co-ordination, fitness, and strength. It also means that you don’t lose an entire room to gym equipment.

Training with Mini-Bands

Watch this six-part series from one of our trainers, Zach Visco, as he provides six exercise variations in under one minute each that you can perform easily at home with an affordable and easy-to-store mini-band.

Training with a Stability Ball

Here, personal trainer Will Hansen demonstrates a few exercises you can perform with a stability ball to challenge your core, as well as the back side of your legs and your butt.

The possible workouts at home are endless, and we have more examples on our YouTube channel for bodyweight exercises and other ways to train at home. We’ll visit those in another article, and the mass of possibilities can seem daunting, which is why hiring a personal trainer to work with you in home can be a great investment!

Working Out at Home with a Personal Trainer

Working with a professional trainer is key to getting the most out of your exercise time. A trainer can work with you to ensure your program gets the necessary adjustments to keep you on track.

At a busy gym, trying to make that appointment with the personal trainer you are most comfortable with can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes, trying to book an appointment to update your fitness program can be a nightmare.

At Golden Home Fitness, however, our personal trainers are professional, focused, friendly, and attentive. Our personal trainers come to you, where you are, and when you are available.

Our personal trainers will provide just the right level of motivation and education to help you achieve your fitness objectives fast. We can help you reach your goals while minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing your enjoyment!

To schedule your free home consultation, call (844) 704-9477 or send us an email to