January 1st Fitness Motivation

The Magic of January 1st Fitness Motivation All Year

Every year, millions of people gear up for their big January 1st fitness motivation kick, and it works! (For a few days…) At that time, people feel like they’re on the top of the world, able to crush their goals without hesitation. While January 1st gets a lot of flack among fitness professionals, it does help when nearly everyone you know is motivated for some kind of goal they’re actively pushing themselves towards. It’s often even an impetus for people to try working with a personal trainer to guide them to success! The problem is that many people don’t build the positive habits to make those changes stick and that their January 1st fitness motivation only comes around once a year… In this article, we’ll cover 3 ways you can tap into that same indomitable will any time of the year!

1 – Major Life Changes

Maybe you’re about to move houses, start a new job, or your kids are about to go off to college. Anytime you’re in a new location, have a new weekly routine to adjust to, or find yourself with more free time suddenly, it’s the perfect time to commit yourself to make new healthy habits! Just like that, you’re creating your own personalized conditions superior to the old January 1st fitness motivation.

For example, when you step into that new home if you decide that you’re going to hold a plank while your Keurig brews, start with day 1 and you’ll have a much easier time maintaining your habit. All you will have ever known in the new environment is the new positive behavior, and you’ll likely fall back into it without thinking.

2 – After Breaks from Routine

Another day, another dollar, routine day after routine day, then suddenly: you go on vacation, take an exciting trip, finish a project you’ve been working on for a long time, or see the end of a sports season you’ve been invested in. Your routine is thrown out the window and what’s left is a perfect opportunity to decide what your new routine will be!

This is an excellent time to take the initiative and decide that you’ll use this opportune clay to mold the You 2.0, healthier, more fit, that you want to become.

3 – Just Do Something!

Start today! (Or at least the closest day that ends in a “Y”…) You don’t need to have it all planned out, to what exercises you’ll do in what order, or how many grams of broccoli to eat at dinner next Thursday, you just need to make a decision and build small wins for yourself!

Doing so will build positive momentum upon which you can build a more substantial plan (planning is, at some point necessary after all, for sustained success). While “jump and build a parachute on your way down,” isn’t always great advice, it is essential that you start! Isaac Newton got it right with his first law of motion that, “an object in motion will stay in motion, and an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.”

What are you waiting for?! Do 10 jumping jacks, take a walk, or climb the stairs an extra time. Yes, right now… If you hear all kinds of obstacles in your mind coming up, building momentum by hiring a personal trainer will help you instill the accountability and positive habits that will guide you to long term success.

Tired of waiting for the January 1st fitness motivation to kick in? Try out working with a personal trainer for free! Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout in our new North Andover Fitness Studio or in the convenience of your own home or apartment building!

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Written by Coach Will H. Hansen and shared here by the author.

Stay Fit this Holiday Season Dovile Squat

Stay Fit This Holiday Season: 3 Step Cheat Sheet

The Holiday Season is here and for many, that means their fitness goals take a back seat, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s your three-step cheat sheet from local fitness experts Golden Home Fitness for you to stay fit this holiday season:

1 – Enjoy It! (Mindfully) 

Stay Fit this Holiday Season Will

When you hear, “stay fit this holiday season” it may conjure thoughts of tasteless, sugar-free cookies, skipping parties for the gym, or other restrictive activities. This is doing it all wrong! Paraphrasing the wise boxing coach and fitness writer Ross Enamait, it’s not what you do between Christmas and New Year’s that messes you up, it’s what you do between New Year’s and Christmas. This is the time of year where it’s okay to be present with loved ones and enjoy the often all-too limited time we get to share with one another. The key is to try to enjoy yourself MORE, not LESS. As a personal trainer, what could I possibly mean by that? Eat that cookie like it’s the last cookie you’ll ever eat, savor that wine, that cake, that champagne, and so on like you’re the most discerning critic you can imagine. Then once you’ve been completely present and have actually tasted what you’re consuming, rest on a satisfied gut.

The problem for most is not that they are at the Christmas party, or that they ate a cookie, but that they devoured a box of cookies mindlessly while watching a Lifetime movie, or that they drank the entire bottle of wine trying to distract themselves from a dry holiday office party conversation. More than just a buzzword, being mindful when you indulge will help you stay fit this holiday season.

2 – Drop the All or Nothing (Pick Your Spots)

To add on to number one, be your own best advocate and pick your spots! If you’re at a party and you can choose from store-bought cookies and delicious homemade cookies, or special reserve wine versus generic box wine, this is the time to be your most discerning, snobby self! Focus on quality over quantity and you’ll find yourself more satisfied and in better shape when January rolls around.

When it comes to goals, realize that maintaining where you are is a valiant goal this time of year! Many people let the wheels fall off the wagon and gain notable weight every holiday season, so even maintaining where you are is a great place to build on when the New Year comes.

3 – Don’t Do It Alone (Hire a Coach or Enlist an Accountability Buddy)

Stay fit this Holiday Season Coach

You’re embarking on a journey that many people set off on, but relatively fewer succeed at, as all New Year’s resolution statistics show. On any journey with risk, it’s essential that you don’t venture into the unknown all alone!

Enlist a coach, like we provide at Golden Home Fitness, or find an accountability buddy to keep you on track! Having an accountability partner will keep you honest when you want to reach for that third cookie, but know you should really stop. A good coach or partner will check in on you regularly to see how you feel you’re doing and help you decide on any adjustments to your strategy.

Want a coach to help you see your best results yet? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout in our new North Andover Fitness Studio or in the convenience of your own home or apartment building!

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Written by Coach Will H. Hansen and shared here by the author, featuring photos of Coach Will and Coach Dovile Zemaityte from the 2018 Golden Home Fitness Toy Drive for Shriners Hospital for Children.

Chic Home Fitness Dovile

How Peloton Paved the Way for “Chic Home Fitness” Innovation

In the Wake of Peloton’s $1 Billion IPO, Reflecting on “Chic Home Fitness” and Local Innovator, Golden Home Fitness

Peloton has raced ahead to become a household name, synonymous with working out at home for many. Now, more people than ever are thinking about skipping the gym to stay home and workout without so much as putting a foot out the door. Local startup, Golden Home Fitness, founded in Winchester in 2015 with a new Personal Training Studio in North Andover, has taken this trend a step further, bringing in-home fitness instruction out of the screen and into real life, with in-home and on-site Personal Training. Here, we’ll cover how Peloton has set the pace for the field and paved the way for local companies like Golden Home Fitness to clip-in, get in the saddle, and help clients on the road to fitness success, right at home.

The Clothes Hanger Treadmill

It’s an archetypal vice: the “Clothes Hanger Treadmill,” the January 15th cupboard of untouched Kale Smoothies, the Gym Membership that’s never used but kept for “next week/month/tomorrow when I’ll get into gear…” Hopefully, these familiar tropes are foreign to you, but frankly, as we all know, it is far to easy to slide down this slippery slope of “almost did.” Now, why is this such a common problem? 

It’s because we’re asking ourselves to climb Mount Everest without any extra oxygen; we’ve hamstrung our chances of success before even starting. By making health and fitness a rugged endeavor, where we have to summon all the willpower and carry on through the pain, we make it far to easy to quit. After all, no one’s forcing us to do it (usually), and if we decided to drink Kale Smoothies, we could just as well decide to quit. 

The Maillot Jaune of “Chic Home Fitness” Equipment

Now, with that mindset of “no pain, no gain,” home fitness has been relegated to the fringe, since why would you want to think of agonizing workouts when you’re trying to watch Netflix? The key is to make going towards your fitness goals fun, attractive, results-driven, and incremental. You should look forward to not just the result, but to enjoy the process, choose the activities and equipment that you can integrate into your day-to-day lifestyle. 

Where Peloton has changed the game is by making challenging seem chic, sweaty feel swanky, and intense feel inspired. A now-viral twitter chain makes fun of the company’s seemingly over-the-top advertising of where Peloton bikes look to be best-suited. Still, the effect of this persistent branding, combined with showrooms in luxurious malls (something itself blasphemous of for home workout gear), has opened the door for an entirely new “Chic Home Fitness” industry. The success of this approach is evident in their 0.65% churn rate (monthly membership turnover), which is roughly a quarter of what most gyms experience. 

Racing Ahead of the Peloton Together

Despite the negative attention on being over-priced or unnecessary, people seem to be agreeing with their wallets. Having grown from $348.6 million to $719.2 million in revenues during the Fiscal Year 2019 and recently held their Initial Public Offering raising over $1 Billion, there seems no sign of slowing down the cadence soon. New competitors such as Mirror, Fight Camp, and Tonal, as well as established brands like Technogym, have capitalized on this new mindset towards exercising at-home in style.

What all these companies lack is an in-person human connection. Local startup Golden Home Fitness has addressed this need while providing the convenient, time-saving, and results-driven training that we’ve now come to associate with these “Chic Home Fitness” companies. This approach has struck a chord, having seen steady growth since founding in 2015, now including a live personal training and wellness studio in North Andover. More and more people are associating fitness success with fitness in-home: they do not see it as a painful process, but as an elegant addition to home life, and as an inspired, fun, and chic addition to daily living.

. . .

By Coach Will H. Hansen, a professional Personal Trainer of six years and a Home Fitness enthusiast of over fifteen years. Photos include Coach Dovile Zemaityte on a Gronk Fitness RXM Bike in the cover photo, as well as the GHF Team with Gordie Gronkowski Jr. of Gronk Fitness Products at the Studio Grand Opening.

Essential Home Fitness Equipment Ring Rows

Essential Home Fitness Equipment – Anatomy of a Home Gym Part 2

Exercising at home can save you time, money, and even help you think more creatively! But where do you start, and what kind of equipment should you have to outfit a home gym? In part 1 of our Anatomy of a Home Gym series, we shared the process of deciding what essential home fitness equipment to start with, and then shared a few quick workouts to make the most of it!

Through this series, Coach Will H. Hansen is sharing his top tips for efficient and effective home workouts from personal experience and from helping clients. To recap part 1, the most important question to ask for deciding on essential home fitness equipment is, “What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training?”

Today, we’re taking the next step, looking at what equipment piece or a couple of pieces you can get next to take your training to new heights! Let’s remember that for working out at home, maximizing efficiency and convenience is a top goal.

Essential Home Fitness Equipment Rings and Pull-Up Bar

After we discussed the Chaimberg RXM Air Bike from Gronk Fitness Products in part 1, the next step is to add equipment for some full-body strength workouts! While it’s possible to get free weights from basic household implements like buckets filled with water, or a backpack filled with textbooks, doing bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, bodyweight rows, and the like, is much more logistically difficult. Consequently, getting a good pull-up bar and a suspension kit such as a TRX unit, or a more economical set of gymnastics rings, you can add another dimension to your training with a space and time-efficient workout without breaking the bank!

Essential Home Fitness Equipment: Why Bodyweight Exercise Matters

For most people, training is a means to feel better, look better, and improve their day to day functioning. Training with a pull-up bar and rings is excellent for each of these goals. Bodyweight training will develop strength specific to moving your body in space, important for day-to-day mobility! When you are doing large, compound exercises like pull-ups and inverted rows, you recruit several muscle groups and in doing so, are elevating your heart rate to burn more calories both during the exercise session and after. Best of all, you don’t need a massive set of weights to train, just get up and go! It’s also easy to progress by simply changing the angle of your body with the inverted rows, or by modifying the tempo of the pull-ups, such as adding longer pauses at the top.

Now let’s get moving! In our next article, we’ll share our top workouts you can do right at home in 30 minutes or less, using just the essential home fitness equipment we discussed today. Want a coach to come to you and help you get the most out of what you have at home? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout!

Home Fitness Equipment RXM Bike

Best Home Fitness Equipment to Start With – Anatomy of a Home Gym Part 1

So, you’re thinking about investing in the best home fitness equipment, but where do you start? Then, what do you do with it? We’ll answer both of those questions today in the first segment of the new “Anatomy of a Home Gym” series on our blog!

Director of Operations, Coach Will H. Hansen is here speaking from his personal experience and from helping clients asks the number one question to ask when outfitting a home gym: What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training? This is important because the goal for most people training at home is to maximize efficiency and convenience without losing major components of how we’re used to training! 

What will radically improve training efficiency or add a new dimension to your training?

Today, I’ll focus on the single best purchase of home fitness equipment I’ve made to date and that answers the above question perfectly for me: the Chaimberg RXM Air Bike from Gronk Fitness Products. In general, air bikes are great because they utilize both or either the arms and legs, they don’t take up much space, and they have minimal impact on your joints, as compared to other conditioning activities like running. The fan driver means the resistance adjusts to how hard you are pushing and it gives you a nice breeze in the hot summer (especially useful in a non-airconditioned apartment like mine)! 

What’s the Biggest Impact Equipment?

While most people might think to get the biggest impact pieces like a power rack, weights, and a barbell first, something I learned from Dave Tate, Founder of EliteFTS, is that you’re likely not trying to go 0 to 60 with your home gym and make your house a fully functional gym (unless that’s the goal!). Instead, that the first thing you should do is to find the best way to compliment what you are doing now, such that your life becomes more efficient, and so you can add a dimension to your training.

For me, I would always find an excuse to not go to the gym for sessions that were exclusively cardio, conditioning, or aerobic recovery sessions, and was rarely excited to do mountain climbers, jumping jacks, or the like, at home. So by choosing a versatile conditioning piece like the RXM air bike, I now can easily roll out of bed or off the couch and onto the bike, and before I even know it I’m done with the workout. I’ve also always absolutely loved using air bikes, so instead of dreading the cardio, I look forward to using it! Additionally, while before I would only do purely conditioning sessions as recovery days, lasting 30-40 minutes, now that I’m already at home with the bike I’ve been able to incorporate far more short-duration but high-effect HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and HICT (discussed below) training methods. 

As you can see, this satisfied both parts of the above question for me: I’m saving time getting ready and going to the gym, and now I’m able to incorporate more short duration training activities, which in turn means greater fitness and more time to do all the other things in my day. Not to mention, I really enjoy it! Clearly, this materially improves my quality of life in multiple ways and isn’t what this whole investing in yourself thing is supposed to be about?

Enough talking, let’s get moving! In our next article, we’ll share our top 5 workouts you can do right at home in 30 minutes or less, using just the RXM Chaimberg Bike discussed today. Want a coach to come to you and help you get the most out of what you have at home? Call us at (844) 704-9477 for a complimentary workout!

4 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors this Summer

Summer is a great time for the beach, good times with family and friends, vacations, and yes – exercising outdoors! Especially if you live in the northeast with brutal winters, the summer is a wonderful break from the frigid conditions in the winter. Not only does exercising outdoors present an opportunity for a fun change of pace, but there are several advantages too!

1. Vitamin D

On the aggregate, research shows that more than 40% of America is Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is essential for optimal functioning and evidence supports that deficiency may increase risk for several chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer. If you don’t work a job where you’re outside much of the day, exercising outside is a great way to get that essential vitamin D. This could include going for a run, taking a yoga class outside, doing calisthenics in the park, or working with a coach! (1)

2. Heat Exposure*

While the benefits of short duration extreme heat exposure, such as sauna use, are well documented, there is also benefit to more “moderate” heat exposure. Recent research from the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that, independent of exercise, repeated exposure to heat closer to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (compared to the 180 to 200 degrees in a sauna) can elicit improvements in the function of your mitochondria! This means an improved ability to generate energy in your cells, leading to greater health and in particular reduced risk for diseases related to aging. When combined with exercise, these effects are seen at an even greater level! (2)

3. Variety

This is very important for two reasons: fighting boredom and continued progress. When you’ve been doing the same thing for some time, a natural complacency sets in. Even if you’re practicing good training principles of periodically varying exercises, intensity, duration, planes of motion, range of motion, etc. (if you aren’t, address that first, but that’s for another article)! When you’re outside, you have the opportunity to literally go outside the box – all those machines and weights you had inside aren’t around, so what do you do? Getting out of your comfort zone is key to sustaining progress over years and decades of continued training. When you’re outside, you might find that training with odd objects, calisthenics, running, or other modalities suited for the outdoors challenge and invigorate you in ways you never knew!

4. Fun!

While all exercise can be fun, and everyone has their own preferences, there’s something extra special about moving around outside that brings out the kid in you! Even if you’re just doing the same thing you always do in a gym, exercising outdoors brings a whole new energy. If you enjoy running, it’s no secret the amazing views and scenery you can feast your eyes on that have eluded you all winter! The whole category of odd object training like tire flips, sandbag exercise, battle ropes, sled pulling or pushing have a kind-of inherent fun that’s best captured in the sun.

The videos above show a few of our clients training while having some fun in the sun!

Interested in training outside but don’t know where to start or need to be held accountable? Hire a coach! We offer concierge wellness services that come to you! Leave your contact information to stay connected or give us a call today at (844) 704-9477 to reach out directly.

*Disclaimer: Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn, sun poisoning, melanoma, and dehydration are very real concerns that must be kept in mind in the summer months. For a more complete guide on staying safe in the summer heat, check out this detailed guide from Consumer Reports on safety in the summer sun when exercising.

Written by Will Hansen, NSCA-CPTGolden Home Fitness Director of Operations

Research Referenced:

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