Health Research for the Holidays

Top 4 New Health Research for the Holidays

The holidays are here, and while it tends to be a time people ease up on their health and fitness goals, it’s important to not lose track of new developments that can help you reach and maintain your goals. Today, we’re sharing the top 4 new health research publications for the holidays!

Top 4 New Health Research for the Holidays

1. Protein for the Holidays?: A new study from Purdue looks at if we should be trying to eat more protein, such as through the holidays and in the new year. The results? Unless you’re actively working to lose weight or build muscle, you may not need as much as you think.

2. Global Report on Youth Physical Activity: Produced by the World Health Organization shows that in 2016, 81% of those age 11-17 did not meet the one hour a day level for moderate- to high-intensity activity. Consequently, urgent action is needed to improve these levels, especially for adolescent girls, as the United States is tied with Ireland for worst (146 countries included in the study) for greatest gap in activity between boys and girls.

3. Teen Social Media and Body ImageA new report in the International Journal of Eating Disorders demonstrates a strong correlation between both number of social media accounts and time spend on social media, with incidence of disordered eating.

4. Sports on the Brain: New study shows how the brains of athletes are more efficient at sensory processing and have greater nervous system function than non-athletes, supporting the notion that sports and physical activity enhances brain function.

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Groundbreaking Fitness Research Team

5 New Groundbreaking Fitness Research Publications this Fall

Seemingly groundbreaking fitness research studies pop in our feed daily, so how do you know what’s legit? We did the legwork for you, here are the best of the best to carry you through the fall!

5 New Groundbreaking Fitness Research Publications:

1. Run for Your Life!: In a study on running as exercise, they found that participating in running resulted in a 27% lower risk of death, a 30% lower risk of cancer, and a 23% lower risk of cancer! This held true no matter the weekly frequency, pace, or total volume.

2. Whatever You Do, Don’t Get Hurt: In a study on ACL injury reported on in Outside Magazine, they found that your mindset towards your injury dramatically impacted your re-injury rates.

3. No Carb, Low Carb?: In a massive meta-analysis on low carb and very low carb diets, they found that while they may have some advantages for appetite control, triglyceride lowering, and type 2 diabetes medication management, there are significant safety concerns and very little data exists on the risks and effectiveness past two years of adherence.   

4. Diets Are Not Drugs! A shocking new report from Boston Children’s Hospital and JAMA shows that 86% of the diet trials changed their outcome measures partway through the study, opening the door for tremendous bias. 

5. Sweat it Out! Further research has been published by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) showing that increased exercise levels can significantly reduce the likelihood of depression onset, even among the genetically pre-disposed.

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New Health Science Publications Header - Apartment Community Workout

Top 5 New Health Science Publications of Early October

The temperatures are starting to drop and so are these knowledge bombs! New health science publications are released every day and we’re here to sort through it all and give you the Golden nuggets. Here are our top five for early October:

Top New Health Science Publications:

1. It Just Takes a Nudge for Weight Loss: The key to sustained weight loss, it turns out, is not huge changes but small behavioral nudges. In a review of 96 healthy eating studies, reducing portion sizes seemed to be the most effective strategy.

2. No Matter the Age, Exercise Great for the Heart and Head! In a study of 733 people published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology they found that, as lead-investigator Dr. Gaëlle Deley put it, “a few weeks of exercise training not only significantly improved exercise capacity, but also decreased anxiety and depression. Patients with the greatest physical impairments at baseline benefited the most from exercise.”

3. Humor and Irony Important for Self-Image: In a study of 1,300 British teen gym-goers, using humor and irony through social media helped shield individuals from ridicule and body-shaming.

4. Tasty AND Healthy (but Tasty First): The strategy of making nutrition information more readily available has been a driver for attempting to drive healthy decision making. It appears that a more effective strategy is highlighting how delicious the healthy food is, rather than how healthy it is.

5. Diet Change to Help Depression: The connection between mental health and diet has been generally understood, and this new study adds evidence that even a brief change in diet can help alleviate depression symptoms.

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Top Fitness Research Articles

Top 5 Fitness Research Articles of the Week – Late September

*New Study Changes Everything* or *Shocking New Results You Won’t Believe* are some of the headlines you might see in mainstream fitness research coverage. Unfortunately, the article itself may be more headline creativity than substance, so how do you know what to trust?! We’re here sharing the top recent fitness research articles for you to cut through to the good work being done around the world to make people healthier.

Top Fitness Research Articles:

1. Personalized Health and Fitness: Fitness products and services built to serve your specific needs, nutrition and medical care built for your individual genetics; these are all hot topics and big trends today! Check out this article for how the science stacks up with the business and tech advances. 

2. Exercise Like Your Life Depends on It! Newly published research supports that our heart evolved as a result of regular aerobic physical activity, and needs it as a condition of staying healthy.

3. Exercise to Slow Alzheimers: A newly published study supports that within people at risk for dementia, regular exercise may delay deterioration of brain tissue and the onset of Alzheimers.

4. Seeing Green, Feeling Fit: A newly published study on those age 45 – 69 supported that people who live in neighborhoods with more green spaces are less likely to develop metabolic syndrome.

5. Weight of the World: Obesity and the associated Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is now the number one contributor to liver disease in Europe. Obesity now impacts 1 in 4 people in Europe.

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10 Minute Home Workout

10 Minute Home Workout to Bring the Heat this Fall

You know the feeling: 6 am on a cold October morning, every single cell in your body is telling you to crawl back under the covers but you know you should go workout. How do you make this process less painful? Start small and start right at home! In the time it takes you to brew your coffee and prepare breakfast, you can do a great 10 minute home workout that will get you warmed up and ready to have a successful day! Here’s one of our favorite “roll-out of bed and get moving” workouts for the fall:

10 Minute Home Workout:

1. Just Get Moving! (2 Minutes) Keep it simple and just get moving; you can do jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbers, stair-stepping, or dynamic stretching. You want to build momentum here before your even awake enough to realize you’re working out. Just 2 minutes of your favorite movement, or a mix of a few, will do.

2. Core and Mobility (3 minutes) Pick 3-4 exercises you enjoy for core and mobility and perform them twice through in circuit fashion. For example:

3. Strength Circuit (4 minutes) Again pick 3-4 exercises, this time focused on strength through the upper body (pulling and pushing) and lower body. Perform the circuit twice, doing 10-15 reps of each exercise. For example:

4. HIIT Finisher (1 Minute) Pick one exercise, and perform it for 10 seconds as hard as you can, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this process three times for 1-minute total. Using an interval timer app or clock is recommended. For example, choose one of:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Stair Switch Hops
  • Squat Jumps
  • Ab Bicycles

This article was written by Coach Will H. Hansen and published here by the author.

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Top Health Science Articles - Golden Home Fitness

Top 5 Health Science Articles of the Week – Mid September

Fall is just around the corner, but we won’t Fall off the wagon with our keeping up on the latest top health science articles and research! Without further ado, here are our top five recent health science articles we think you’ll gain value from:

Top Health Science Articles:

1. Home-Based Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease: In a study of over 100 people for six months, researchers in the Netherlands found that 30-45 minutes of at-home exercise improved motor control in those with Parkinson’s disease. These improvements were comparable to conventional medication!

2. Best Methods of Fasting or Dieting: Many benefits have been seen for various fasting methods, as well as calorie limiting diets. But where to start and how do each really compare to the others? Dr. Rhonda Patrick breaks it all down in this interview with fasting expert Dr. Valter Longo.

3. How Do Fat Cells Accumulate? Researchers at UT Southwestern have discovered a new pathway for how fat cells are regulated in mammals. This creates new opportunities for fighting diseases linked to overweight and obesity! 

4. Play Like a Woman! A new study published in Frontiers of Endocrinology shows how having “sport-related hobbies” among postmenopausal women can improve blood-lipid profile, a marker for cardiovascular disease risk.

5. Brains and Braun: Additional research supporting the link between physical fitness and cognitive ability was recently published by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, emphasizing the opportunity for improving memory, problem solving, and more!

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