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New Health Science Research: Top 5 Articles of the Week

Headline-reading is at epidemic proportions, and it’s hard to tell wether the health “science” you’re reading about on Instagram or Facebook is actually built on the scientific method. We’re here to share with you the top health science research articles from the week to keep you informed and on your way to your healthiest you! […]

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Top 5 New Health and Fitness Research Articles: Best of the Web Late August 2019

  Sorting the wheat from the chaff in health and fitness research these days can be dizzying! So much conflicting information and hidden agendas it can be hard to believe anything you see! Luckily, we’re here to help you sort through the mess and get to the good stuff! Here are our top picks from recent […]

Motivational Podcasts

Top 5 GHF Motivational Podcasts for Fitness Success

If you’re new to motivational podcasts, or even if you have a seasoned podcast ear, the swath of podcasts out there in the health and wellness space is daunting!  Today, we’re here to keep it simple, and to the point with our top podcast clips for fitness success. The first, second, and fifth clips are […]

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Best of the Web: What It’s Really Like Being a Personal Trainer and More!

Ever wonder what it’s really like being a high-end personal trainer? Our Director of Operations, Coach Will H. Hansen was just featured in a wonderful Medium article by Jon Marcus that answers just that! If you’re reading this, you know we share only the best quality content, but if you want to know about something […]