North Andover Farmers Market

farmers market healthy fruits and vegetables


10:00AM TO 1:00PM


Top Ten Reasons to Visit the North Andover Farmers Market

  1. The North Andover Farmers Market has over 20 vendors. You can find vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat, bread, cheese, baking mixes, granola, jams, spices, olive oil, chocolate, mushrooms, honey, flowers, candles and soap.

2. Not only are there 20 vendors at the Farmers Market but there is also entertainment which can vary from a friendly alpaca to a melodic harpist. It’s a fun, active and educational family activity. Kids can choose their favorite foods and mingle with other families. There are also always lots of pets enjoying the stroll.

3. Not only is there entertainment at the Farmers Market but the vegetables and fruits displayed are fresher than their supermarket counterparts. You’ll be able to see first-hand what’s in season, and to buy it at its peak fresh from the farm. The farmers at the market often carry heirloom varieties of your favorite vegetables. There is a wide variety to choose from. Supermarket produce has shipped long-distance, been stored and sometimes gassed to simulate ripening.

4. Not only is the produce fresher at the Farmers Market but it is also better for your health because it hasn’t been waxed, gassed or irradiated. Supermarket fruits and vegetables can have pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. They are sometimes genetically modified.

5. Not only are the fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market fresher and healthier than most, they are also better tasting and looking than your run of the mill supermarket ones!!

6. It’s totally worth it to go to the farmers market in order to get fresher, healthier, better tasting produce. In addition, you can go to the Farmers Market to get some fresh air and exercise ( it sure beats the chore of going to a crowded store!)

7. Farmers markets are great for better produce, entertainment and for fresh air and exercise. They also allow you to connect with your community. It’s a great way to meet other health-minded and conscientious individuals in your town.

8. You can attend the farmers market for great food, entertainment, exercise and to socialize. Another reason to go is to support your local farmers. US food production is dominated by agri-business. It is difficult for small farms to compete, and yet they are critical to our well being. Any time a farmer can sell directly to us, it’s beneficial. Many farmers and their staff will be happy to give you great meal prep, storage and cooking tips as well.

9. The Farmers Market allows you to support your local farmers. In addition, going there helps you to protect the environment. Agri-business taxes natural resources, causes pollution and requires extra packaging. Much of the produce we find in supermarkets travels 1500 miles or more. Our air, land and water are polluted by their toxic by-products. Most small farms minimize the impact of their crops on the environment, and are humane to their animals.

10. Go to the North Andover Farmers Market for a variety of products, for entertainment, for the best produce, to interact with your community, to support local farmers, to protect the environment AND to receive your free in-person or virtual workout at Golden Home Fitness which is just a block away at School and Main!

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