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Getting Back to a Healthy Routine Post-Quarantine

Getting back to a healthy routine post-quarantine is easy and safe at Golden Home Fitness. We are opening July 1, 2020. Our studio is clean and safe. We will follow all CDC COVID-19 protocols. Our staff is equipped and ready. You can have a free workout and resume your happy-healthy life risk-free.

exercise at work

Exercise at Work: Prevent Expensive Illness and Stay Healthy

It’s no secret that America has an overweight and obesity problem. Exercise at work could be the best way to get many people moving and losing weight. Many people have been conditioned to think that going to the gym and getting on a diet is the only solution. However, this can be an inefficient and […]

single joint exercises

A Joint Venture: 6 Major Single Joint Exercises & Joints for At-Home Exercise

Understanding single joint exercises and how joints function is vital in understanding how the body moves. This information is needed by personal trainers and everyday exercisers like you in order to truly understand what is happening during training. With at-home exercise, this is doubly important, as all the fancy signs and diagrams you find at […]