Dr. Bill Thorpe & Jocelin Lamprey, RD, LDN on the Woburn Spotlight – Podcast #16

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Tune in to an exclusive TV interview with the Woburn Spotlight. The episode gives an insider’s look at Golden Home Fitness founder Bill Thorpe, MD, PhD and Day By Day Nutrition founder Jocelin Lamprey, RD, LDN. The discussion covers their models for bringing holistic health and wellness to the clients, the opportunities they are working on now, and areas to grow into.
Original Video Interview on the Woburn Spotlight:

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0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Origin stories of Jocelin and Bill, and their companies
3:45 – Mission and model of Golden Home Fitness and Day by Day Nutrition
6:30 – Current holistic service offerings
10:15 – How the new Golden Home Fitness website is helping people find solutions faster
11:40 – Golden Home Fitness footprint and expansion
13:30 – Market transition away from big box gyms
14:50 – What’s the Golden Home Fitness process for bringing on a new client?
17:10 – Day By Day Nutrition process for bringing on a new client?
19:10 – Partnership opportunities for Golden Home Fitness and Day By Day Nutrition
20:40 – How to get in contact with Bill and Jocelin
21:50 – Closing takeaways and upcoming events


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